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Case Study on Women Dina Who is Suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Added on -2019-09-16

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IntroductionThe given case study is about women Diana who is suffering from obsessive-compulsivedisorder from last 26 years. She finally came out from her disease by putting various efforts. Inthis paper, we will study the effectiveness and strengths or weaknesses of treatment taken byDiana to come out of the disease. She mainly takes help of a psychiatrist. He suggestedmeditation and utilize cognitive behavioral therapy to treat her in an efficient manner. Aftertaking the therapy, she is able to sleep well. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a serious mentaldisorder disease in which people feel the requirement to check things repeatedly (Goodman,2014). Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral ModelCognitive behavioral model is considered as an efficient psychosocial intervention which isbroadly utilized for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder. It utilizes different systematicstrategies to implement change. This will enable it to treat its patient in an efficient manner.Cognitive model mainly utilizes structural assessments to identify patient conditions, guidetreatment planning, a measure severity of illness. This will help the therapist to establish howproblem thoughts, symptoms, and behaviors are linked to the patient. With this, the therapist canprovide the suitable treatment as required by the condition of the patient. This will also help thetherapist in determining which thoughts, behaviors, and symptoms should become the priortarget of treatment. By utilizing cognitive behavioral model, the therapist formulates treatmentstrategies which are efficiently implemented to recognize targeted specific episodes ofproblematic and distress behaviors and thoughts. The cognitive behavioral model suggests thatthoughts of obsession are normal, but the person who faces automatic secondary thoughts may1
bring anxiety and negatively influence their health. With the help of the cognitive behavioralmodel, these thoughts are hypothesized to show beliefs and dysfunctional assumptions. Thus itcan be said that cognitive behavior plays a vital role in the treatment of mental disorder patient.Strengths and Weaknesses of Cognitive Behavioral ModelCognitive behavioral model is an efficient therapy for treatment of mental disorder patient. But ithas its own strengths and weaknesses which make it different from the other available therapies.Strengths and Weaknesses of cognitive behavioral model are following:StrengthsIt is collaborative in nature which fosters the treatment of OCD people in an efficientmanner.CBT enables the therapist to perform more independent effort to understand the rootcauses of disease.It involves less reliance than the other OCD treatment therapy.It is an ongoing therapy which provides utilization of more directive skills to treat thepatient (Leichsenring, 2013).Treatment provided by the CBT is its own.It is very beneficial for the recent onset and specified goals and issues. WeaknessesThe foremost weakness of CBT is that fewer people prefer this. All this happenedbecause it is very costly and fewer people able to afford it.It is disliked by the most patient because they feel that it played more with theiremotions.2

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