Experience on Writing Academic Essays

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The presentation discusses the experience of writing academic essays, including improving grammar and enhancing communication skills. It explores the importance of study skill classes and the role of feedback in writing. The presentation also reflects on the process of writing an academic essay and provides an action plan for improvement.

Experience on Writing Academic Essays

   Added on 2023-02-01

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The presentation is about my experience on the process of completing Task A1 that was about
comparing the education system in UK and Indian, similarities of the education system in India
and in UK and ways of improving the education system in India.
The presentation will also cover the challenges that I faced during the process of writing
academic essays. The presentation will be structured in three parts the introduction, body and
the conclusion.
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Experience after undertaking academic essay
I have written several academic essays concerning various topics.
Writing an academic essay has given me great experience as a writer. Academic
essays have taught me to think independently as a writer.
Academic essays have helped me to improve on my grammar as it has made me
improve on how I construct my sentences and the way I base my arguments.
According to Aldrich (2012), a writer of the academic essay aims at convincing
the reader of a particular idea and producing evidence about it.
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Experiences on writing this essay
Writing an academic essay in the UK has impacted me with relevant knowledge
and skills required in writing. For instance, I have gained experience in
presenting an argument and communicating it effectively.
In previous essays, I was not able to incite and provide references for my work
but for now, can cite and give references for where I have researched my work
According to Raham, Wang et al 2018 to write a good essay in any field of study
you must take time to think about the topic and basis of the argument to develop
a reasonable basis about the topic of discussion.
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