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Since childhood, I have a phobia with writing essays. I was quite good in my
academics and scored good marks in the practical and oral examinations. I always feared
writing an essay and it took me many years to figure out the reasons behind it. Writing an
essay requires various skills to successfully complete an assignment. Many a times, I struggle
in fully developing, explaining and structuring the ideas and the supporting details in the
essay. I faced major difficulty in portraying the ideas on the given topic through writing. I
lacked the art of incorporating sentences having clear idea about the subject matter and also
faced difficulty in the concluding sentences. Constructing the required paragraphs to portray
different ideas and connecting them back to the thesis was a challenging task of my academic
career. Formation of the sentences is also not strong enough to execute the ideas of the
writing. The wordy and the awkward sentences embarrassed me. Moreover my primary
education was not in English which restricted me from using the appropriate phases and
words for a particular situation. As a student, I did not possess the analytical and cognitive
skills. Thus, the thinking capability automatically got effected and I could not implement
whatever I used to learn in my writing. I even avoided the practice of writing essays, as it was
my biggest fear. Proper learning of understanding the complex sentences, differentiating
between the nouns, using of proper punctuation and proofreading the errors were challenges
faced by me on everyday basis. My teachers in schools did not give me any comprehensive
feedback. Thus, initially I was not aware of how to improve on these challenges to overcome
the phobia of writing essays. Grades and ranking system did not help me to understand the
flaws I had in writing. I also faced issues in understanding the argument and critically
analyzing the given topic (Petraglia). I did not maintain the ethos, logos and pathos of an
essay, which was also an obstacle in my writing. Writing is never a one-sided argument.
Backing up the viewpoints with various reputable sources was also lacking in my writing. I

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