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Introduction to Sociology – Forum 10.

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Added on  2019-10-18

Introduction to Sociology – Forum 10.

   Added on 2019-10-18

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Introduction to Sociology – Forum 10Forum 10 – Education and Social Class in the United StatesOBJECTIVEAnalyze problems in United States education and provide recommendations and strategies for improvementDISCUSSION OVERVIEWThis discussion forum explores the current trends in education and the current problems observed in the U.S. education system.DELIVERABLESYour participation in the discussion forum, including:Responses to the initial questionsResponses to at least two other students' postsStep 1Read the following article.As Wealthy Fill Top Colleges, Concerns Grow Over FairnessStep 2Explore the following map.Failure to Get through High School by State, U.S.: MapStep 3Write a post answering following questions.What does the material you reviewed suggest about the American education system?American education system has always been about fulfilling American dream which aims at giving equalopportunities to everyone. The American education system is liberal and allows racial and economicdiversity allowing admission of both local and foreign students and takes care of their finances throughscholarships. The education system serves as an engine of mobility wherein all sections of society gets theprivilege to get the most out of it. However, the current data suggests a shift in education system toreproduce social advantage to some sections of society unwittingly. The same can be attributed to therising trends of impressive admission application from students belonging to higher income group and dipin admission applications from students belonging to lower income group in some of the top and ivyleague universities. What are some major problems with the American education system?The major problem with American education system is that it is getting less accessible to students belonging to the poor and middle class families. The data suggests that a major chunk of the university seats are getting filled by the students of upper income families. This change is fast becoming one of the biggest issues in higher education. With universities needing funds to sponsor research and cutting edge work, hike in tuition fees becomes inevitable. With the hike in tuition fees in many top universities and early summer preparation by wealthystudents gives an unfair advantage to students from higher income family and less to students from lower
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