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Introduction to your Personal Development Profile.

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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Introduction to your Personal Development ProfileThe Personal Development Profile (PDP) enables you to reflect on your academic and personal development and to plan for yourfuture. Often students are not confident in recognizing the range of personal attributes and skills they have and therefore do notcommunicate these well to prospective employers. The PDP process helps you enhance your self-awareness, confidence, and ability topromote yourself via your CV/applications and, in turn, enhance your employability. This is a personal reflection that is owned andmaintained by you but which should be discussed regularly with your tutor.The PDP will help you improve:2By helping you think about planning and taking responsibility for your own learning and development3By boosting your self-confidence when you realize knowledge, skills and positive personal attributes you have4By helping yourecognisehow the learning you are experiencing in your courses and subjects is helping you to acquire avaluable range of skills and to develop your personal qualities5By helping you recognize how your experiences outside the university programme are contributing to your skills and personaldevelopmentOn the following pages you will find a list of skills and personal development qualities which you must assess carefully at thebeginning and end of the academic session by giving yourself scores using the 1-5 scale provided below.The initial score refers toyour view of your confidence/ability at the start of the academic year, while the final score refers to your level ofconfidence/ability at the end of the academic year (April for this purpose). More importantly, you are required todiscuss/reflectonwhere and how you feel you developed these qualities and what they contribute to your employment prospects. You should drawupon your experiences in education AND life outside of education. You must add reflections on events/experiences/actions from thepast and from this year as you have new experiences.Note that the text boxes expand as you type, so please engage in a genuinepiece of personal reflection, rather than one sentence responses.Self-evaluation scale1.I feel very skilled and confident in this area of activity/attribute2.I feel somewhat skilled and have limited confidence, but some improvements could be made in this attribute/activity3.I am lacking confidence in this activity/attribute; I feel I need to improve this skill/attribute4.I have no confidence in my ability in this area/attribute; I feel I need to put in considerable work to develop this
5.I have not had any opportunity to develop this skill/attribute in the past.Management of SelfInitialScoreFinalScoreExplain where and how have you developed this skill/attribute and whyyou feel confidence or lack of confidence in each ability/attributeTime managementAttendance at classes and labsActive listeningPlanning and organizing forcoursework or projectsFlexibilityReflection on one’s own workTaking responsibilityCoping with stressWorking as part of a groupWorking productively in a groupsettingTaking initiative within a groupDelegatingNegotiatingOffering constructive criticismSupporting others in their workManaging tasksIdentifying key issuesSetting prioritiesIdentifying different courses ofactionImplementing a course of actionPlanning and organizing tasksManaging information
Effective use of appropriatesourcesEffective handling/processing ofdata/informationInterpreting data/informationEffective visual presentationEffective oral presentationEffective written communicationUsing information criticallySubject knowledge andunderstandingSafety in the lab or fieldUnderstanding nature andproperties of hazardous materialsSafe practice in lab or fieldSafe handling of materials in lab orfield
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