(PDF) Involving Children in Health and Social Research

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Undertake a research projectwithin services for health andsocial care or children andyoung people
TABLE OF CONTENTSREFLECTION ...............................................................................................................................1
REFLECTION I have gained the knowledge about the role of care coordinator in context Domiciliarycare services in health and social care sector. In addition to this, I have develop theunderstanding about the concept of Domiciliary care services in health and social care sector.By participation in the research I get to know about the requirements of need of Domiciliarycare services in the society. After the completion of the investigation procedure I found that themain objective of need of domiciliary care services in to assist as well as support adults withspecific type of learning disability to have control on their lives. Through the research findings Ihave analysed that care coordinator plays important role in ensuring the delivery of qualityDomiciliary care services to customers. I came to know about the different important role whichis played by care coordinator in health and social care institution. Information contained inresearch report has assist me in identifying the skills as well as knowledge that I need todevelop in order to perform my roles as well as responsibilities as care coordinator in context ofdelivering Domiciliary care services in health and social care sector. From the data collectedfrom the research I found that important role of care coordinator is to monitor as well asevaluate the quality of Domiciliary care services being delivered to patient. In addition to this, Ihave also analysed that my crucial role as coordinator is to supervise Domiciliary care servicesby bringing together all specialist those who can provide complete assistance to patients inrelation to improving their health. I also found that it is very much essential for me to developthe understanding about the symptoms of different types of diseases, as this tactics will provideme ease in educating patient about their health. I also perceives that it is the strategy which willsupport me in development of an effective care plan for delivering Domiciliary care services topatient which is considered to be as one of the important duty of care coordinator in health andsocial sector (Salmi, Suhonen and Närhi, 2019. ). I believe that information gathered from theinvestigation has assisted me in performing best practices as care coordinator in context ofdelivering Domiciliary care services to patients. I came to know about the way I as a carecoordinator can work with the patients or their family members in order to generate positivehealth outcomes by delivering the Quality Domiciliary care services. I perceive that knowledgewhich I got from the information collected during research has assisted me in managing patientscare and supported me in development of effective plan for delivering Domiciliary care services.By analysing the data collected during investigation procedure I found that as a Coordinator I1

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