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IT infrastructureAppendix: AssignmentsIntroduction This assignments consists of six tasks related to a single scenario. The tasks are intendedto assess whether you have met the minimum acceptable level for each of the learningoutcomes associated with this module1.Critically evaluate an enterprises IT strategy to assess whether it meets theenterprises current needs and aspirations2.Critically evaluate an enterprise’s technical information to assess equipmentsuitability3.Critically evaluate wireless networks to assess their suitability to meet theneeds of the enterprise4.Capture and analyse network traffic to assess the performance of thenetwork.5.Evaluate strategies for data management, storage and disaster recovery6.Critically evaluate own and other’s designs.The grading criteria at the end of the assignment indicate how the learning outcomesrelate to the tasks.ScenarioMilton Mechanical have a large office, not surprisingly, in Milton, Cambridge.. It hasthe following network architecture. Note that although a single 24 port 2960 is shownin each department they are actually 6 stacked 24 port switches giving 144 ports foreach department. They have brought in a consultant to advise them on their ITinfrastructure to try to improve its performance. After spending a lot of money on theconsultant the suggestion was that all that is necessary is to adopt the subnettingscheme given below. The company are not impressed.
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