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IT Risk Management | Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-19

IT Risk Management | Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-19

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IT Risk Management | Assignment_1
1IT RISK MANAGEMENT 1. This assignment is the analysis on the big data applications threats and the mentionedways which is taken by the company to minimize the threats of the big data. The givenassignment discusses about an organization known as the European Union Agency for Networkand Information Security (ENISA) which has been the network center and working in theInformation technology field to study the threat which can compromise the security of any nation(Kimwele, 2014).. The ENISA also assists the European nation body’s members regarding theimproving network and its securities of the Information technology field. The big data conceptwhich is the collection of the wide data which is both complex and not understandable the mainpurpose of big data is to draw some meaningful pattern or the algorithm from these data whichwill help them to study and analyze how a customer is performing various activities likeshopping and accounting transaction. The source of the big data can come from anywhere be it abank or hospitals(Kitchin, 2014). The data entered in these organizations is the big data which isutilized by the company. Various companies have reported that the application of the big datahas helped them in understanding their customers and take proper decision according to thesituation. Thus the big data application is not going to rise in the coming days and used in all thesectors of the company for doing business. The big data has application in the government sectorwhich includes the military and the intelligence system. Despite of all the advantage of the bigdata the article enlists varies limitation and drawbacks of using big data. Though the big data hashuge application it also has privacy and security threat to the country and the company. There arevarious threats related to the big data some of them are:The usage of the big data has not only put the ordinary and common data at risk but alsothe private and the confidential data at the risk(Walker 2014). The high replication and the
IT Risk Management | Assignment_2
2IT RISK MANAGEMENT outsourcing of the big data are the new type of the ways which has resulted in breaching and theleakage of the data.The big data usage has posed the threat to the privacy of the people which hascompromised the security of the data. At the time of creation of the link in the case of the bigdata the collection of the big data is the major cause of the penalization the extra creation of thelink is the major cause of the leakage of the information and data.The stake holders in the big data such as the data owners or the data transformers or thedata providers differ in their view about the usage and security of the data their idea may conflictwhich make it a difficult environment for them to operate and devise a proper security plan forthe data which compromise the security of the data. Lastly in various sectors of the information and communication technology (ICT).Different professionals are trying to apply their own privacy and security laws which are bestaccording to them but on the overall security of the data it significantly decreases(Halenar,2012). The big data rising pattern is embracing the Security-by-default principle though it is stillin the early stage it has proved to be quite beneficial and highly practical in compare to the costand effort in the invested in the ad hoc solution at the later time. The given assignment later focuses that there has been the huge gap between the issues of thebig data and the counter measures designed to tackle the problems of the big data(Kayworth &Whitten, 2012). Analyzing the gap the assignment has enlisted some of its own counter measurewhich can solve the limitation of the big data. The assignment further raises a valid questionregarding current trend of the countermeasures for adapting the existing solutions which can beused against the current trends of the countermeasures for adapting the solution which is against
IT Risk Management | Assignment_3
3IT RISK MANAGEMENT the traditional data threats. The current environment of the big data is currently focused on theamount of the big data. The countermeasures which is currently existing is has been devised tocounter the scalabilities of the big data which does not fit the big data problems which results inthe partial and ineffective approach to the protection of the big data(Chen & Zhang, 2014). Thegiven assignment enlists some of its own guidelines and the countermeasures for the nextgeneration of the data. These are: Firstly it tells to stop following the existing approach to the traditional data and work indefining the major data problems. Secondly it tells to identify the gaps and find the required needs for the current practicesand to work in planning the specific definition and the specific standardization activities. Thirdly it tells to invest in training and teaching the IT professionals about the big dataand aware them about the correct measures of usage of the big data(O’Driscoll,Daugelaite & Sleator, 2013).Fourthly it tells to work in defining the correct tools and to measure the security andprivacy for the for the protection of Big Data and it environments.Fifthly it tells to analyze and find the assets to the big data and accordingly select thesolutions which have minimal risk and threats.
IT Risk Management | Assignment_4

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