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Analysis of the Big Data Threats- Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-24

Analysis of the Big Data Threats- Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-24

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Running head: IT RISK MANAGEMENT IT RISK MANAGEMENTName of StudentName of UniversityAuthor’s Note
Analysis of the Big Data Threats- Assignment_1
1IT RISK MANAGEMENT1. The following assignment is the analysis of the big data threats and the steps which is taken toprevent the threats of the big data. The given assignment discusses about an organization knownas the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) the center ofnetwork and the expert in the Information technology securities threat which assist the Europeannation bodies. The ENISA organization works with the members of the EU in assisting thesecurities related to the IT. The ENISA is also responsible for improving network and providesecurity to the entire European nations. The Big data is the collection of the huge data which isnot only complex and not useful the purpose of the big data is to derive some pattern or thealgorithm from these data to study the pattern which may include the behavior of the peoplerelated to certain companies (Kimwele, 2014). The source of the data can be from anywhere likethe application of the internet of things or telecommunication and it can be in huge amount. Theapplication of the big data is increasing every day and a more advanced and matured technique isgetting developed to use the big data to derive the information (Kitchin, 2014). Many companieshave admitted that the application of the big data has been huge and it has increased theeffectiveness and efficiency in making the decision in the business. It is expected that in thecoming days the demand of the big data is going to increase in all the sectors of the company beit a healthcare, banks, markets specially in for the military purpose and intelligence system.However despite of all its business there is various risks associated with the big data which is theprime targets of the hackers to retrieve the information. There are various threats related to thebig data some of them are:Through the usage of the big data not only the original data but the confidential data arealso at risk as with the high replication of the big data for purpose to store and the outsourcing of
Analysis of the Big Data Threats- Assignment_2
2IT RISK MANAGEMENTthe big data these type of the technology are new ways of the breaching and the leakage of thedata.The big data are posing threat to the privacy of the individual which has the impact on thedata protection. In the big data at the time of the creation of the link at the collection of the datais the major cause of the penalization the extra creation of the link is the major cause of theleakage of the information and data.Thirdly different stake holders of the big data like the service providers data transformers,data owners have different opinion about the usage of the data thus their idea of usage of the datamay conflict which makes it’s a difficult environment to opiate upon. Thus in such difficultenvenom t the security of the data may be compromised.Lastly in many areas of the information and communication technology (ICT) .They areapplying own security and privacy which is the best practice according to them but it wouldrelatively decrease the all over security and the privacy risk related big data area(Walker 2014).As still in the early stage of the big data the rising pattern is embracing the Security-by-defaultprinciple which has proved to be both practical as compared to the effort and cost in term of timeand money required to provide ad hoc solutions for the problem later on. Lastly the assignment analyses how there are huge gap between the problems related tothe big data and the counter measures to tackle the problems of the big data. Therefore theassignment discuses about the lack of the proper countermeasures of the big data and howimportant is to take correct counter measures so that the next generation can also utilize theapplication of the big data. Therefore in the particular a valid question rises whether the currenttrends of the countermeasures for taking up the existing solutions which is against the data
Analysis of the Big Data Threats- Assignment_3
3IT RISK MANAGEMENTthreats in the Big Data which mainly focuses on the amount of the data. The currentcountermeasures are made which is mainly to counter the scalabilities of the big data which doesnot fit the big data problems which results in the partial and ineffective approach to theprotection of the big data(Walker 2014). The assignment enlists some of the guidelines andapproaches for the countermeasure of the next generation of the data. Some of the recommendations enlisted are as remarked by the assignment are: I) to stop following the current approach to the traditional data and work on defining the BigData related solutions ii) To find and identify the gaps and required needs for the current practices and to work inplanning the specific definition and the specific standardization activities. iii) To work in training and teaching the IT profession nals about the big data and teach theycorrect measures of usage of the big data. iv) To work in defining the correct tools and measures for security and privacy for the protectionof Big Data and it environments v) To clearly find and identify the assets to the Big Data and to simplify the selection ofsolutions mitigating risks and threats (Walker 2014).
Analysis of the Big Data Threats- Assignment_4

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