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Task 1
In this task assumed that the area is in free space condition:
Data given:
GR = GT = Antenna Gain at receiver and transmitter = 35dBi
Transmitter Insertion Loss = LTx = 2 dB
Receiver Insertion Loss = LRx = 2B
Antenna Frequency = 20 GHz
Antenna Diameter = 0.5 m
Diameter of 4 Antenna = 2 m
For the calculation of Lfs put the above values in the below formula that is as follows:
Lfs=100+20 log10( f d)
Lfs=100+20 log 10( 202)
Lfs=132.04 dB
For the calculation of receiver signal for the free space condition as follows:
RSL=46.04 dB
The above value is for the receive signal when 4 different antennas are installed over the
Reason for using passive repeater for the four antennas are as follows:
1. The cost of them are very low so they can be affordable.
2. It reduces the extra frequency in the system.
3. The issues can be repaired very easily at very low cost.
4. The functioning of them are better then passive repeater.

Task 2
In todays life mobile needs, a very fast and reliable network for the better communication and
connectivity, todays 4G network are not that much reliable. In today world the traffic of the
mobile network gets increased due to the high number of users, so it requires a very less band
wave of spectrum that allow more and more user to connect with the network and
communicate easily. The existing network of mm wave spectrum is been used in the 4G
network that produces less connectivity due to larger number of users. The latest technology
that is been used in the mobile network connectivity reduce the issues of mm wave spectrum.
In this report all the uses and advantages are properly described with the use of 5G
The advanced technologies that are been used in today world are WiFi, Bluetooth that are
been used in communication method. Video calling is been an innovative feature that been
used for the communication. These technologies are not safe and effective on todays
communication method, it requires a better communication channel or medium for proper
effectiveness. This is why 5G technology is been introduced. The issues that are coming in
the banking areas, payment area is been addressed in this report how they are reduced with
the help of 5G system. Along with the above the advantages, benefits are also been described
in this report about the 5G technology.
The latest world requires the latest technology for the communication in between two
different users from their remote locations. Todays world needs the information technology
in their day to day needs. Most of the countries developing their information system ore
strong for the improving their economy, as user will use the advanced technology in their
daily works that will they have to pay charge for that along with that this will also increases
the chances of employment. The various countries are focusing over the enhancement of
communication system, they are introducing new system and communication system over the
old system in their various field.
The implementation of 5G technology will resolve the problems that are coming in the
present days with the 4G technology, the 5G technology will help in the health sector,
transportation sector and communication sector. In the communication field the 5G is the

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