ITECH 1006- Database Management Systems

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Running Head: ITECH 1006 - DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSITECH 1006 - Database Management Systems[Name of the student][Name of the university]
ITECH 1006 - DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS1Table of ContentsER Diagram2Normalization2Relational schema5Database schema5Bibliography9
ITECH 1006 - DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS2ER DiagramFigure 1: Entity Relationship Diagram of TopFit(Source: Created by author)NormalizationThe Normalization is an idea of decreasing repetition and also reliance of information tosorted out a database outline. In other word, it can be characterizing as part huge connection intolittler connection and connection utilizing their useful reliance. Be that as it may, here a few substances are in first ordinary shape and furthermore havesingle segment of essential key. As per the TopFit rec center foundation ponder the abovesubstance relationship chart is made, where all tables are deteriorated up to third typical frame.

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