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Professional Development
Jia Jia Lau43989906WRITTEN ANALYSIS OF EVEREST SIMULATIONCourse Code: MGST 1301Family Name:Given Name:Student Number: 43989906Tutorial Number: T22Time:Tutor's Name: Mr. Paul DibleySimulation Team Members:1. Thomas David Munro2. Jia Jia Lau3. Justine June Son4. Ben Jones5. Alice Ben(Section 1)INTRODUCTIONThe main aim of this assignment is to distinguish when pertaining holistic leadership development to find the concrete issues which were faced during the Mount Everest Simulation 1MGST1301 Introduction to ManagementWritten Analysis of Everest Simulation
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Jia Jia Lau43989906and could be used to handle the problems and complications in a contemporary environment. The problems were identified in order to develop the holistic leader. At the time of simulation, each person was assigned 1 out of 5 different roles. And I was the physician. The overall averagescore of the team was 48 and my score as an individual was 70. Overall we obtained a mediocre score, and this happened because we have less experience in communication and situational decision making. And there was a main problem of coordination among the team members.(Section 2)LEADERSHIP ISSUE: LACK OF COORDINATION AND SHARING OF INFORMATION 1.DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEMAt the time of simulation, I (physician) and the environmentalist pressed the resting button as wewere not clear with the instructions and as a result, we both were left at the base camp. Afterwards, the environmentalist fell ill when they were about to climb from camp 1 to camp 2, and this resulted in a decision whether we should dispense the medical supplies and physician to her aid and then finally she was left at the camp 1, and I (physician) climbed to camp 1 in order to give her medical supplies. Since there is the scarcity of resources, this resulted in reducing ourchances of ensuring that we meet our goals of having at least individuals reach the peak. This decision split the group in half, with one side people were saying we need to stick together in order to survive. But on the other side people were working to achieve their personal goals instead of achieving a group goal. This gave rise to debate, which prompted me to give my opinion on the issue that team members are not working as a team and they want to achieve their 2MGST1301 Introduction to ManagementWritten Analysis of Everest Simulation
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Jia Jia Lau43989906individual goals only, and this would impact our performance. And there is no coordination between us and the team leader is not ready to take his responsibility as a leader.2.MANAGEMENT RESEARCH EVIDENCEThe topic is about leadership issue i.e. lack of coordination and information sharing. In this article the path goal theory of leader effectiveness has been described. The leader’s behavior is important as it enhances subordinate empowerment and satisfaction and the team works effectively. It has been stated that team members have specific and different roles which they have to perform in order to achieve collective success. If the team fails then this is not only because of the incompetency of the team members but also the lack of coordination and synchronization results in combined failure. Most of the teams have an individual who is responsible for defining the team goals and aligning the tasks, and if he doesn't take his responsibility then there will be a lack of coordination and the task will become more chaotic. Therefore, it has been discovered that people depend on each other when they work in a team. The effective teams are those who have a high level of combined performance, and they focus more on achieving team objective than the personal goal. The result of the research showed that the researchers paid more stress on teamwork in order to attain good leadership qualities. This article has proved that this leadership issue has impacted our performance. (HOUSE, 2016)The second article discusses the leadership issue that how these issues impact the overall performance of the team. It is being discussed that the role of leadership is essential for the team in order to bring efficiency and effectiveness. It is being stated in the article that the leaders of a team have to follow functional leadership strategy in order to find the problems which are 3MGST1301 Introduction to ManagementWritten Analysis of Everest Simulation
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