Job Analysis - Understanding the Importance of Job Analysis in Business Organizations


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Job analysis
Job analysis is mainly comprised with the analyzing and the gathering of the data that are
functional in the propositioning of the project completion that are undertaken by the business
organization (Landau & Rohmert 2017). Job analysis helps in better understanding of the job
related is to be performed by the employee. This process will help in better commencing of the
business prosecution this is the main reason that the performing of the Job analysis has been vey
Social Security
In this section the dealing regarding the medical of the employee is taken into
consideration. This is the main reason that the employees stays at ease regarding the processing
of their health care. This section is considered to be mandatory and this benefit is to be provided
by every business organization despite the size of the organization. This benefit is also treated to
be unnegotiable.
Example: In case an employee is suffering from health issues and the company fails to
support the employee during his hard time, the employee will tend to switch organization and
hence the retention process will get very difficult.
Unemployment Insurance
In this section the employees are provided bonds. The employees who are being recruited
are provided with a bond that states that the management of the organization cannot terminate
the employee before completion of the bonded period. Similarly the employees also cannot leave
the company before serving the bond period that is initially stated to the employee during the
employment period.
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Example: In this case, the period that is initially stated in the hiring period is needed to be
served by the employees before leaving the business organization. Again in case the work rate of
the employee is not being efficient after the completing of the bond period the company cannot
just terminate the employee but needs to provide a sufficient time of notice period for the
employee to search for another new job and vice versa.
Worker’s Compensation
Worker’s compensation can be stated to be the main aspect that is too be taken into
consideration for retaining of the employees. This section discusses about the rights that are to be
provided to the employees in case of any mishap caused during the duty hours (Chamberlin,
Newton & LePine 2018).
Example: In case an employee gets affected from the machineries that are present in the
organization, the directing board has to take care of the mishap that has occurred and in case the
organization does not take care of the situation, the employee can sue the organization.
Disability Insurance
Disability insurance is provided to the employees of the company who have been
working in the business organization and is diagnosed with disability. Different types of
disability insurance is needed to be provided in the commencement of the project. Different
disability insurance provide different rules and is implemented hence wise.
Example: In case an employee gets disabled during serving period, he or she is supposed
to get a proper support from the company and in case of not receiving the proper support they
can sue the business organization.
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