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Jules Ferry’s View on Colonialism Report

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Added on  2020-04-21

Jules Ferry’s View on Colonialism Report

   Added on 2020-04-21

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HISTORY1. Jules Ferry explained that France was running behind other European countries that had beenexporting more goods in the market. They would only be able to export more products if theywould successfully establish more colonies. Ferry highlighted the need for expanded exportmarkets for the products that the hard working citizens of France were producing (Ferry, 1884).Few contemporary trade developments in the global market had created necessity for France toestablish more colonies. The Free Trade Treaties that was established in 1860 between GreatBritain and France was one of the significant ones (Becuwe & Blancheton, 2014). This tradepolicy lowered business exchange for both Great Britain and France. The trade marketsdevelopments were affecting the export market for other countries too. France was experiencingindustrial advancement that helped it to produce large amount of products. Ferry argued thatFrance needed to establish colonies in order to develop markets where they could sell theirproducts and generate revenue. And the neighboring country Germany was creating tradebarriers and United Sates of America were acting as protectionist. So France saw that theprevious market was shrinking and above that they were becoming their competitors in theexport market. Other European countries were also producing more agricultural products thatwere substituting their local products. Ferry also predicted that their South American marketwould be controlled by North American products in the near future. Thus, the country needed toincrease the practice of their colonial policies in order to help them to set up a bigger exportmarket. 2. Ferry highlighted in his speech that there are superior and mediocre races. He had furtherargued that the superior races held rights over the mediocre races. The critics had argued so
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