The Impact of CSI Effect on Juror Decisions and Criminal Trials


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Kim 1Juhee KimDan HurleyEnglish 10202/01/2017 BibliographyAlldredge, John. "The" CSI Effect" and Its Potential Impact on Juror Decisions."Themis:Research Journal of Justice Studies and Forensic Science3.1 (2015): 6.scholarworks.sjsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1027&context=themis.This research has shown and demonstrated the role of CSI effect and its impact on jurorsfor seeking plausible evidences. The verdict of jurors are getting more dependent onforensic evidences that are not feasible to produce with these technology and limitedresources. The criminals are however taking advantage of this effect, as the legal lawyersare requesting and demanding more evidence from defense, leading to fail testimoniesand decisions. This annotation showed that the modern shows are affecting perception ofjurors as they seek for unnecessary tests and evidences that are too difficult to producedue to technological limitations.Cole, Simon A., and Rachel Dioso-Villa. "Investigating the 'CSI effect' effect: media andlitigation crisis in criminal law." (2009). https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/Papers.cfm?abstract_id=1401417. In this paper, the researcher has highlighted critical and seriousconcerns regarding the CSI effect and how they are affecting criminal trials in anylitigation process. Compromised judiciary results are being observed which are attributedto the fictional science imparted in these criminal dramas. The research was based on aconcluded fact, that how a popular TV series- CSI franchise is hampering the jurisdiction

Kim 2and convincing the judges to demand more forensic evidences.This annotation covers theimpact of these shows on acquittal of cases in which jurors demanded for facts andevidences as they are affected by these CSI effect, thereby inflating their expectations.Cooley, Craig M. "The CSI effect: Its impact and potential concerns."New Eng. L. Rev.41(2006):471.http://heinonline.org/HOL/LandingPage?handle=hein.journals/newlr41&div=21&id=&page=. Cooley demonstrated the potential effects of CSI in revolutionizing forensic scienceand technology but also discusses its impact in barring vision to seek justice. Theannotation showed key role of CSI effect in barring decisions of a juror as theycontinuously seek for newer evidences which are not possible with modern technologies.However it has also motivated researchers to invent new methods to combat currentsituation but to overcome the arising situation, time is the sole answer. Heinrick, Jeffrey. "Everyone’s an expert: The CSI effect’s negative impact on juries."The TripleHelix3.1 (2006): 59-61. web.alfredstate.edu/benslewd/FRSC1001/CSI%20Effect%20Reading%201.pdf. As per the researcher Henrick, the CSI can led jurors to demandmore scientific evidences and how they are responsible for not convicting the guiltypersons as jurors are in a dilemma of forensic science, which can produce any forensicevidence as shown in the TV drama/series out of thin air. The annotation shows that thesedramas/series have led jurors to demand more evidences and proofs that are laborious,time consuming and mostly very expensive leading to acquittal of the trials and failingthem to impart justice.

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Kim 1. Juhee Kim. Dan Hurley. English 102. 02/01/2017.