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Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaMinistry of Higher EducationMajmaah UniversityCollege of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS)Department of NursingLeadership Development Plan TemplateDevelopment GoalGoalThe primary goal is overall leadership capability building. Improvement in team management and decision making capabilities inthe next two weeksEnhanced capabilities towards attainment of organizational objectivesby the end of the programCareer development in nursing management by the end of the leadershipdevelopment programDesired Outcomes – results I want to see from developing this skillSelfThe results which I want to see in me from building this skill is development ofcompetence in overall leadership abilities in nursing and medical. Gaining expertise in team buildingAble to motivate and encourage others to follow the right path towardsthe desired predetermined outcomesEnhance my creativity in this fieldAble to take up responsibilities on my ownImprove my communication skills with active listening Improve risk taking capacityTeamThe results which I want to see in my team from building this skill are:Able to follow the right pathImproved vision of successEncourage contributions from the entire teamDriven towards the unified goalOrganizationThe results which I want to see in organization from building this skill are:Encourage contributions from the organizationDriven towards the cohesive objectiveImproved level of expertise managementImproved vision of successImproved stakeholder relationship management

Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaMinistry of Higher EducationMajmaah UniversityCollege of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS)Department of NursingSelf-Understanding – strengths that I can build on and development needs I can addressStrengthsImproved productivity and performance levelDevelop and support the future leadersBetter decision making skillsImplement improved leadership styleMotivating team towards a common goalDevelopment NeedsThe development needs that could be addressed in future are:Instant decision making skillsHandling situations of dilemma Act promptly in accordance with the circumstancesDevelop risk taking capacity at a higher levelConvert theoretical knowledge to mental, psychological, as well aspsychomotor skills for patient careAdministration Context – challenges in my nursing management environment that require this skillAdministrationContextIn the administration context the number of challenges that ascends during thecourse would be requiring these skills largely. The level of competition thatwould arise in the nursing environment include long working hours, shortstaffing, unaccommodating clinical environments, working in the practical fieldinvolving patient care, particularly mentally ill patients. In order to handle them,the above skills would be necessary in the administrative context.Development ActionsAwakenSkills for gaining personal insight into my impact as a leaderStep outside the comfort zone for task managementDeveloping personal brandLearn from new environmentsBuild confidence and passion in career development in nursing Connecting with others so as to establish long term relationshipGaining flexibility in participating and handling adverse circumstancewhile caring for patients.

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