Assignment On Few Things Left Unsaid

Added on - Sep 2019

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Last Name1Few things left unsaidName of the student:Course:Date:Name of the professor
Last Name2Name:Professor Name:Subject:Date:Few things left unsaidThe song that has been taken into account for carrying out the task is "We don't talkanymore" by Charlie Puth1. I am going to tell a story about a girl named Jennifer and a boynamed Justin.Jennifer and Justin were two best friends from elementary school. They both did everythingtogether from studying, clubbing, having the same friend circle. The bond between them wasquite strong, and they were indeed inseparable. From being best friends to lovers and thenbreaking up it was a quite a predictive yet unusual story between them. It's a bittersweet storyabout a relationship that ended because no one has a clue why.Jennifer was in high school and suddenly all those late night talks, texting, being togetherhinted her that she is definitely in love with her best friend, Justin. Despite the fact being agirl she chooses to go to Justin and confess her feelings. She still remembers it was just 3days before Valentine's Day when she sat down in the coffee shop just beside her home wereJustin and Jennifer is the regular visitors.But that day she was alone in the coffee shop nervously thinking how to say those threemagical words to her best friend. However, without thinking much she confessed her feelingsto Justin that day itself, and Justin's reaction at first was quite weird as he could not believe1Pineda, Stephanie. "We don't talk anymore."Research World2018.68 (2018): 26-27.
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