Essay on French Revolution | American Revolution

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Last Name2IntroductionThe essay will be focusing on the main theme that is French Revolution. It has been observedthat the American Revolution was born in 1776 and it ended in 1783. The main motivation ofthis revolution was political as well as economic taxation without the representation of thetyranny. On the other hand, the French Revolution was born in 1789 and it was over by 1799as well as the main motivation of this revolution was political and social- ending the noblesand clergy’s privileges (McDonald). Furthermore, this essay will be highlighting the maincauses behind the French Revolution, the main phases of this revolution and the conclusionwill be based on contrasting French and American Revolutions outcomes.DiscussionCauses of the French RevolutionThe three important causes of the revolution will be highlighted in the below segmentPolitical cause- It has been observed that during the eighteen Century France was one of themain elements of the autocratic monarchy. The power of the French Monarchs was unlimitedand they also stated themselves as the God’s representatives.Louis XIV and his reign from 1643-1715 was regarded as one of the most powerful Monarch.Louis XIV was also confident, strong, efficient as well as the hardworking leader. He hadgathered experience in the wars. It can be said that the autocratic monarchy, the huge amountof expenditure as well as the faulty administration gave birth with regards to the politicalcauses for the French Revolution (Doyle).Social cause- It can be said that the social condition of the France during the 18thcentury wasnot at all good. The French Society at that time was mainly divided into the three main
Last Name3classes namely common, clergy and the noble people. The Clergy people were the peoplebelonging to the first class and they were mainly divided into two groups such as lower andthe higher clergy. The higher clergy were the people for whom the top-most position in thesociety was occupied. These are the people that did not pay anything tax to the monarch. Thecommon people were exploited by these people to a great extent. The higher clergy peoplealways lived in a luxurious manner. The higher clergy people always received hatred fromthe common people. However, the provincial people were always concerned with theproblems of the common people but they did not receive the same privileges like the ClergyNobles. The common people became quite rebellious and the lower clergies joined them aswell as the bourgeoisie. Hence, the French Revolution is also as the “BourgeoisieRevolution”.Economic cause- The France economic condition was another cause for the FrenchRevolution. At that time the condition of the France was not at all good because Louis X1Vdid some foreign wars and all of the wars were quite expensive and it continued for almost 7years. Therefore, it is quite evident that the instability in the economic was one of the vitalreasons for the French Revolution (Acemoglu).Phases of the French RevolutionThere were main stages of the French Revolution and this will be discussed in this segment.The moderate phase- The French Revolution took place with the moderate phase, at least bycontrasting with what would happen later on. Furthermore, The Third Estate had created a lotof trouble that they had been barred from the assembly but they were not at all ready forgiving up. The National Constituent Assembly could not do anything for solving theeconomy problems of the country and the conditions were becoming poorer. The king also