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Concept of Leadership and Leaders | Essay

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Leaders are born not made is the quote which is identified as the most controversial quote frompast many years. To manage the issues, various ideas and approaches are identified in a definitemanner. In fact, various writers and authors have their different point of views about the quotethat “whether the leaders are born or they are made”. According to the personal views of theauthors, it is intimated that the leaders can be born with the intelligence and remarkably process,but growth can only be highlighted when continuous process of learning is identified. To managesuitable aspects with evidences, this precise essay is defined. This piece of work is helpful inhighlighting major aspects related to the leaders and also assists in defining traits related to theleadership. The essay shown below mainly covers two sections. The main section is identified asthe middle section in which discussion on the controversial quote is highlighted. In this essay,the points have been argued in favor as well as against the peculiar topic. The last section is theconclusion section which aids in defining the final section or summary of the complete essay.To understand the quote completely, it is essential to identify the concept of leadership andleaders in a separate manner. According to the scientific researches, definite type of research isconducted on the leaders. There is psychological, neurological and other different type ofmethods implemented on the candidates to identify a defining aspect of processing. Someresearches define that it is an inborn feature and other states that the leaders can be identifiedwith the help of experience. So, the conclusion section of scientific research is still incomplete.The clarification of the quote is divided into two sections, one is identified in the favor of quoteand another one is against the quote [ CITATION Avo05 \l 1033 ].1
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According to psychological studies the leaders are born. Those who are born as leaders, theyhave their specific activities of pre-frontal and frontal lobes. The born leaders also possess thepractical approach to analyze the situation specifically. They possess cognitive approach anddefinite set of skills to manage scenario in the organization. The born leaders are alwayssuccessful and implement the innovative thought processing system among the team members.Apart from this, the definite personality traits and specific identification are helpful for themanagers being destine leaders in every possible manner [ CITATION CSt04 \l 1033 ]. Thehereditary aspects and special features make the person a born leader. The researchers alsodefine that generally the leaders show their improvement in personality traits, while they are inthe age group of 7-14. They can also able to reflect the leadership among the groups and definitecircle. This will enhance their leadership skills when they reach to the definite type of leadershipstage [ CITATION CLo14 \l 1033 ]. The born leaders are influenced by the socio- economic,environmental and educational factors. All these factors simultaneously create a suitable impacton the working aspects and methods related to the leaders. There are various political parties, bigorganizations and business which are working from past various years. The generations areidentified as the born leaders. The skills and promotional strategy are improved and dignified inthe generations by itself. By identifying these comments, it is considered that the leaders are bornnot made [ CITATION JGi151 \l 1033 ].Discarding the views of researchers who are supporting that leaders are born, some philosophershave a thought that leaders and leadership can be considered as the matter of personality. Thepersonality can able to reflect the commanding skills of leaders, which can further help inmanaging procedure related to the organization. The continuous experience and manageable2
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attitude are major aspects related to the leaders. The past experiences and earning procedurespecifically from the leaders, define that they are identified as the person who learn from variousdifferent sources and other experienced people [ CITATION DAm14 \l 1033 ]. The learning phase ofthe leaders is everlasting and continuously growing. The history also reveals that NelsonMandela (Famous prisoner) and Richard Barson (Entrepreneur) are the best examples to showthat the leaders are made from definite experience and learning. Both these personalities havedifferent personality and definite areas of specialization. In fact, they struggle a lot to get successin their objectives [ CITATION BBa00 \l 1033 ]. The patience and pursuing the nature of both theleaders towards goals, make them good leaders. The grooming of a person as a leader can onlybe possible when they can able to focus on both negative and positive aspects related to thesituation. The factors like self- regulation, self-discipline, controlling of emotions andmanagement of the specific process assists in providing positive feedback in a definite mode.The different experience in the history is also helpful in setting the best example for the newleaders or beginners in the organizations. Some of the people like Gates achieve leadership byhis workaholic nature, similarly Martha got success by applying the most innovative andapplicable methods for leadership. The leadership is also considered as the matter of workingstructure. The most specific working structure will also help in enhancing the qualities of leadersin a definite way [ CITATION Uni143 \l 1033 ].The everlasting debate for the quote is continuous. The specific reasons for quote are notclarified yet. Some of the researchers provide positive feedback and others still having negativeor against views for the quote. The debate is ongoing and everlasting with defined set ofinformation [ CITATION ACE14 \l 1033 ]. The only feedback which can be generated from the above3
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