Leadership Styles in Al-Jaidah


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LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT: Case study examQuestion 1: Discuss the nature of leadership as illustrated in the case. Your answer mustinclude different styles of leadership and it’s relevant to Al-Jaidah and Qatar.Answer: There are different leadership styles that exist in the work environment, countries,organizations, etc. Five of them are most prominent:a.Laissez-Faire: In this style, the leader does not supervise the subordinates directly and donot provide then feedback regularly.b.Autocratic: In this style, the leaders take all decisions themselves and don’t take inputfrom others.c.Participative: In this style, the leaders give value to the inputs of others, but they retainthe power of final decision making with them.d.Transactional: In this style, the leaders set goals of performance with the people underhim and accordingly give those rewards or punishments. The followers work as per thedirection of their leader so that goals are accomplished.e.Transformational: In this style, the leaders communicate with the management formeeting the goals. Motivation and efficiency through communication are given priority.Management is involved in meeting the set goals. Tasks are delegated too. The leadership style and nature of leadership relevant to Al-Jaidah and Qatar are as follows: Transformational leadership is practiced most prominently by Al-Jaidah and in Qatar. This is dueto the reason that Al-Jaidah is a strong believer in the notion that a great leader is measured by1
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the ability to communicate, motivate and listen. He also believes that all stakeholders have anopportunity to contribute and are included at every stage. In Qatar, the leaders focus on lookingat everything very carefully, and they never seek to make a unilateral or quick decision. Theyconsult others and then do what is best for their country. Al-Jaidah has all the characteristics of atransformational leader. Apart from transformational, the leader and Qatar also has nature of participative leadershipstyle. This is due to the reason that the inputs of the followers are values by them, and theyrespect the views and ideas of their followers. All the decisions are taken in consideration of thepeople of their country. 2
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Question 2: Discuss the impact of theories of management and leadership on organizationaldirection of Al-Jaidah.Answer: The theories of management are implemented so that the productivity of the people andcountry increase and the service quality is improved too. The leadership theories determine theway by which successful leaders are created or made. Impact of theories of management on organizational direction of Al-Jaidah:The systems theory of management recognizes that how the people are affected by differentsystems and vice-versa. There are many parts that make up an organization. This perspective ofmanagement allows the leaders or managers to examine the different patterns and events in theorganization. The managers coordinate the programs so that everyone can work collectively forthe overall goal of the company rather than focusing on individual departments. This theory hasthe impact on the decision of Al-Jaidah as he announced the company’s plans to build twopetrochemical plants in Asia with a combined budget of $9.8 billion. This decision was for thecollective benefit for everyone. Al-Jaidah had a straightforward approach when he announcedthe projects in Tokyo stating that they served a dual purpose. Al-Jaidah had a straightforwardapproach when he announced the projects in Tokyo stating that they served a dual purpose:direct access to both of these important and growing markets while at the same time ensuring amarket for Qatar’s liquefied petroleum gas. So this was not in consideration of any particulardepartment, it was for the benefit of the entire organization. Impact of theories of leadership on organizational direction of Al-Jaidah:3
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