Leadership Assignment: Learning Organizations

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LEADERSHIP1A leader knows the way, shows the way and goes the way:Leaders are the individual that are responsible for leading and guiding their followers.Leadership cannot be practiced with the similar approach or there are no set rules for individualsto be a leader. Everyone has their own style and tactics. This is the essay that deals with theorganisational leadership theories and the way different leader deals with the situations usingdifferent leadership approaches (Carroll, Levy and Richmond, 2008). Leadership is considered asthe process by which an individual directs guides and motivates the other person to work in aparticular way to achieve some of the specific gaols. It can be describes as the capability andskills of the person to deal with the people and helps them to perform effectively along withdirecting them.Leadership is very important function of the organisation and helps to maximize the efficiency ofthe workers at the organisation by helping and motivating them to perform effectively(Northouse, 2015).Leaders are the one who knows what they are doing; they follow the pathand let others to follow the same. This statement can be justifiable by understanding some of theleadership theories.The first theory that can be discussed is trait theory of leadership. This theory suggests thatindividuals who become the leader can be born or can be made but have some of the commontraits that make them the leader. Some of the qualities that is required to be there in a leader areintelligence, creativity, sense of responsibility, knowledge of the subject, emotional intelligence,motivator, capability influencing etc. as per this theory, it can be suggested that leadership is allabout having these traits (Schein, 2010). Having all those characteristics that has been discussedabove, it has been analysed that leaders can have the knowledge that mans they know the way,they have skills that means they goes the way and they have influential power that means theycan show the way to other as well. Another theory of leadership that is behavioural approachsuggests that there are two kinds of leaders as per their behaviour. One is the leader who is taskoriented and other one is employee oriented (Bolman and Deal, 2017). Task oriented leaders are
LEADERSHIP2the leaders who believes in completion of tasks without considering the employee’s perspectiveswhile the leaders who follow the approach of being employee oriented believes in consideringthe perspective of the employees rather than task. This theory suggests that leaders are the onegoes as per their behaviour and also allow the employees to do the same. There is one moretheory that has been postulated regarding leadership which is called path goal theory. This istheory that suggests that the leaders are the one who motivates the employees by clarifying theirpath and removing their issues (Robinson, Lloyd and Rowe, 2008). This depicts that the leadersare the one who can shows the path to the followers and it is their responsibility as well.Transformational theory of leadership is the theory that deals with transforming the thoughts ofthe followers by the leaders (Bedford, 2012). This suggests that the leaders should have thepower of influencing the followers and mould their thinking as per the leaders’ approach. Thismakes a leader transformational in nature. A transformational leader is the one who shows theway to the followers on which he used to go. An opposite theory has also been postulated by thetheories is that is called transactional leadership theory. This theory suggests that the leadershave the power to take the structure that needs to be followed by the followers irrespective oftheir opinions. In this sense, leaders are the one who knows everything and their structures andrules are considered as the final decision. Recently a new theory has been released by thetheorists as per the nature of the organisations and the followers these days. This theory is knownas servant leadership theory. This is the theory that suggests that leaders need to be servant firstthat means they should come at the place of the followers and understand their needs in order tomake the policies and structures.All these theories of leadership suggest that leaders have different types of characteristic and thushave different style to lead their followers. Their leadership style suggests that in what way theycan lead their followers. Some believes in making them follow them and some tries to bringeveryone together and walk with the followers. This can be better understood by examining aleadership of a great leader known as Mark Zukerberg.Mark Zukerberg is considered as the leaders who follow transformational leadership style. Thisis because he is the leader who believes in considering the opinions of his followers and alsotries to mould their thinking as per his own views and not try to force the set structures and ruleson them. It has been analysed that Zukerberg is the one who is very much passionate towards his
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