Action Plan for Gaining Team Trust and Collaboration


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LEADING A TEAM2LO1 Understand principles of leadership Task 2: An action plan for gaining team trust and collaboration In this particular section plan for the sales director will be prepared. For doing this I as a sales leader need to build some amount of trust between the sales team and myself. Moreover, I wouldalso like to see them supporting and collaborating with each other and also with the other people in the organization. It has been said that the sales director of the company would like me to prepare a plan of action that will contain certain elements in it (Chatman & Cha, 2003). 1.The way stakeholders of the company will be benefitted by the decisionsIt can be said that the stakeholder always plays an important part in each and every type of organization. The following are some of the stakeholders that are present in each and every type of company:-Primary stakeholders: These are the stakeholders that are said to be affected ultimately either in negative manner or in a positive manner by the actions of a company-Secondary stakeholders: They are also referred as the intermediateries so they are affected by the companies action in an indirect manner-Key stakeholders: They are the stakeholders who have an important influence within the entire company.Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be said that for making good management or leadership decisions it is quite important to take the views along with the

LEADING A TEAM3perspective of stakeholders of the company into account. However, the extent to which the stakeholders tend to affect the activities of a company completely depends on the relationship between the company and the stakeholder. It can be also said that the Mendelow’s matrix also provides a great way of mapping stakeholders that is based on their power for affecting the company and also their interest in doing the same. It tends to identify the responses which the managers might need for managing the different stakeholders (Senge, 1996). It is needless to say that the good stakeholder communication can be greatly controlled by developing a communication plan that is excellent in nature. It has been observed that some of the stakeholders need the handholding while the other stakeholders are happy with the entire interim progress reports. In this scenario the communication plan can be made excellent with regards to understanding the e stakeholders closely. In order to make decisions that will benefit the stakeholders it is quite important to ask the stakeholders what exactly they expect from the relationship and also being a sales team leader it is quite important to make them understand what exactly I want from them. For instance, being the sales team leader I will be agreeing and deciding on the timelines for the progress reports that are agreed by everyone. Through the entirecommunication plan I will be also be able to reduce any problems that occur up front. In this wayI will be also to build develop and trust for fostering a productive and strong relationship with the potential stakeholders of the company.2) The rest of the plan a) For gaining the trust of the sales team the leader must exhibit the following behavior:

LEADING A TEAM4-The leader must consider listening for the purpose of learning. Judgment should not be made.-The employees should be treated by the leader as the creative, talented and resourceful individuals as they are.-The leader must consider themselves to the high standards they must own what they do not do or do-If the leader is self-aware, self-managed and self-motivated then the employees will be able to trust them-The employees must be observed as the individuals not roles, kindness and respect must be shown to them for gaining their trust-It can be said that words, actions and behaviors must be used with a great caution or else it may break the trust of the people-The leader must learn to know what matters to the sales employees in team -Fair and principled behavior must be demonstrated by the leader for gaining the trust of the employees (Ingram and et al., 2005).-The leaders must also consider giving the employees more than they receive-The leader must also make it a point to help the employees to observe the why behind what

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