Academic Integrity: A Key to Success


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LONDON CHURCHILL COLLEGEHND/Health and Social CareApril 2019Page 1This unit provides learners with the opportunity to acquire honed employability skills required foreffective employment. All learners, regardless of their level of education or experience, requirehoned employability skills to successfully enter the health and social care sector. This unit giveslearners an opportunity to assess and develop an understanding of their own responsibilities andperformance in or when entering the workplace. It covers the skills required for generalemployment such as interpersonal and transferable skills, and the dynamics of working withothers in teams or groups including leadership and communication skills. It also deals with theeveryday working requirement of problem solving which includes the identification or specificationof the ‘problem’, strategies for its solution and then evaluation of the results of the solutionthrough reflectivepractices
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LO2 Be able to develop interpersonal and transferable skills To achieve a pass, learners must demonstrate the ability to deal with each of the following outcomes:OutcomesAssessment Criteria for passLO2 Be able to developinterpersonalandtransferable skills2.1Develop solutions to work-basedproblems2.2Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at variouslevels2.3Identify effective time-managementstrategiesLearning Outcomes
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Scenario/Case Study(s)The Orchardville company is a limited company by guarantee with social status. It is under theumbrella of the Orchardville Society, a charity that assists young people and adults with learningdisabilities and autistic spectrum disorder prepare for and secure employment. At present 25% ofthe work force have a learning disability including Mark who started a part time job earlier thisyear through the support from the society. Mark applied for the position of domestic assistant in acare home and several reasonable adjustments were made to enable Mark to accept the vacantposition. Firstly, Mark completed a six-week work trial which gave him the opportunity to decide ifhe liked the job and what supportive requirements he would need. At the end of the work trial ameeting was held involving Mark, his employment officer and the manager of the home to discussthe outcome of the work trial and what were the reasonable adjustments that would be requiredwhich included thefollowing:ThepurchaseofdifferentmopsasMarkfounditverydifficulttousetheindustrialmops. This was minor adjustment enabled Mark to carry out this aspect of the job to thesame standard of cleanliness and at a minimal cost to theemployer.Mark also found it difficult to complete all the tasks in the required scheduled time limit ofthree hours per day. The employee agreed to increase Mark’s hours by 30 minutes toenable him to comfortably complete all the tasks and not feel under pressure.Markcontinues to work at the Care Home but is still under the support of the OrchardvilleSociety Employment and skills service.(Source:https://www.equalityni.org/ECNI/Publications/Employers%20service%Providers/employabilitycasestudies.pdf)VOCATIONAL CONTEXT:
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Specification of AssessmentImagine yourself as the Manager of the care home dealing with Mark’s case. As the Manageryour first duties are to ensure that the home is responding to all current legislation and health andsafety laws to enable Mark to work in a safe environment. Part of your role in managing andleading your workforce will be to set up targets that each department must achieve in respect toMark and hisabilities.From an earlier meeting with the employment officer from Orchardville Society you bothdiscussed what support Mark would need and how this would be implemented. As the Managerof the Care home you have conducted an Assessment, of the home and have found that thereare quite a few things that have been left and not kept up to date. These need to be investigatedand implemented as soon as possible. You have also found that the staff have been workingthere for many years and have a certain way of working and you with your new ideas andsystems they will see as a threat to the way that they work as new ideas mean changes to theircurrent working conditions. Show how the staff need to develop good interaction skills as well asdeveloping transferable skills and how they are so relevant in today’s working environment. Inhelping Mark to achieve a good working balance he will also need to be able to understand therelevance of good time keeping skills. Staff do not like to embrace the new changes and youmust find ways to engage the staff to accept the new ways of working to maintain equality anddiversity within the care home and to ensure that the home is working to the current legislationand standards of Health and Social Care. You are the Manager and you need to be able to showhow you will produce the plans for staff to work collectively as a team. As part of this process youneed to develop the processes to work in harmony as a cohesive and interactive team working toachieve the set targets and objectives of the organisation. You need to be able to be able to showwhat methods you would use to motivate the staff and how you would deal with any issuesarising from the new methods and ideas that you want toimplement.Assignment titleAssessment MethodCriteria covered (see LO table)Finalsubmissiondates
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