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Strategic Management of Life: Reflection on Dreams, Values, and Career Planning

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Added on  2023-05-23

About This Document

In this document we will discuss about Strategic Management of Life and below are the summary points of this document:-

  • Reflection on personal dreams, values, and strategic planning for future goals and career aspirations.

  • Importance of incorporating core values like honesty, integrity, and compassion into professional life.

  • SWOT analysis to identify strengths in emotions, skills, and communication while addressing weaknesses.

Strategic Management of Life: Reflection on Dreams, Values, and Career Planning

   Added on 2023-05-23

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The first thing after reading the assignment instruction came to my mind was, where I am
standing and what are my dreams. What are the cores values I have adapt during my schooling. It
made me think hard about myself. Therefore, I started doing it in a pre-planned manner. In this
text I will analyse my behaviour, will list the goals I want to achieve and how I am going to
achieve that in a strategically, all from my own perspectives. Management is a skill that we pick
up in our everyday life (Wally and Baum 2014). The books and materials only act as a
supporting factor. We may turn to Google too to find some answers but it will not give me my

I am a fresh graduate in a state university. I have finished my schooling and planning to
get my degree in business management and administration. I have always been a dreaming of
having a luxury house to myself. I have been told that, to get what I want, I need to earn for
myself. After my schooling, I realized that, I need to be self-sufficient. In addition, this
assignment has given me the opportunity to exactly think about that. Professionally planning my
career and incorporating the dreams that I have chosen for myself to fulfil have been discussed
systematically in the following pert of the text. To achieve the end goal of owning a house and
have a great career in business management, I need some steps to be followed.

Clarifying my basic values

The values that I have been taught and brought-up with in my past years have made me
the person I am today. For me, honesty is value that I have admired my whole life and seen that
my parents have also done it with utmost care. The next things that I admire simultaneous to
Strategic Management of Life: Reflection on Dreams, Values, and Career Planning_1
honesty is happiness, family, integrity, trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, being
compassionate and kind to others, Understanding of one’s perspective and accommodating their
values same as mine, without sacrificing myself respect. Dreams of doing social work are also in
the list. Communicating with the variety of cultured people and driving through diversity of
culture. These values are the ones that I have admired my whole life and want to include in my
future professional life as well.

My SWOT analysis

According my perspectives the strengths are my emotions, which I have gracefully
accommodated along my life. The people I have associated with previously have admired my
honesty, compassion, driven mind, hard work towards any given task. As for my skills, I have
been attracted towards solving mathematical problems and operating in different software tools.
Using the different software according our advantage has been thrilling for me. In addition,
managing and multitasking with data and researching the market for feedback and drawing
conclusions from them are my expertise (Kaplan and Norton, 2012). Communicating with
different background people is what catches my interest.

One of my weakness that have given me headache over many years was dishonesty and
violent people who resort to being physical in nature and gets agitated during heated
conversation. I avoid associating with them. I have been also accused of being less confident
about my nature.

Using my strengths in my favour while side stepping my weaknesses, I have resort to get
the opportunity to seek my career in growing industry of technology and management. Seeking
the management courses will help me in identifying the opportunities in Multinational companies
and thus helping me growing my network in the domain. The multinational conglomerates have
Strategic Management of Life: Reflection on Dreams, Values, and Career Planning_2

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