MGMT 305 Management and Leadership Assignment

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Running head: MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIPManagement and leadershipName of the studentName of the universityAuthor Note:
2MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP1.AutobiographyI am the senior operations manager of ABC exports limited. I have a vast experience inmy role as a manager as because I am in this very population for a period of close to 15 years.My main task is to look after the different operational needs of the organization and to delivera proper training to the different employees of the organization. Training the new recruits isone of the main challenges as because they have to be trained in such a way so that they caneasily adapt to the organizational culture. I completed my MBA from Monash University ofAustralia in the year 2001 and was selected by a MNC for the post of Operational Executive.Since then I had worked for three companies including my present job. I got the job of ABCexports limited in the year 2012 as a junior manager of the operations department. MYdedication, hard work and efficiency reaped healthy rewards as last year I was promoted to therole of Senior Operations manager. My leadership skills and friendly nature immediatelycaught the attention of the management and the employees and helped me to build a trust. Mymain jobs in the organization are;a.Planning and implementing proper training programs for the new recruited (Goetsch andDavis 2014)b.Designing capability frameworks for the roles of the executives c.Communicating with the employees to make sure that the work is done properly (DuBrin2015)d.Leading the teams to carry on the organizational duties of the organization
3MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP2.Self Management and Leadership SkillsSelf Management refers to the different methods, skills and strategies that are possessed by anindividual who have the ability to direct the actions of their own towards the achievement ofsome special objectives (Nahavandi 2016). The following includes setting up different goals,planning something or scheduling some work. I have used the self assessment guidelines and thefeedbacks from my colleagues in the form of the managers, peers and reports. Essentialleadership skills of a person in the organization help the organization to follow the right path andachieve success (Ellis 2015).3. Results of Leadership Self-Assessment ExerciseI have discovered valuable insights by conducting a self assessment on my own. The firstmajor element of self assessment exercise is based on what people thinks about me and what arethe roles that I will bear as a leader. The results that I obtained were as follows;A.I work diligently and selflessly to achieve different organizational goals for theperformance, quality, service, profits and different other official responsibilitiesB.I try to take the tough jobs that are generally not accepted by others and take up fullresponsibility for the outcomesC.I have the ability to handle crisis situations and take up different challenges easilyD.The ability to predict the upcoming changes is another added advantage that puts me in asuperior position to be a leaderE.My planning and formulating the different strategies are one of the best and is praised bythe senior management of the company

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