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Running head: Management and leadershipManagement and LeadershipReflective essay
Management and Leadership1Executive SummaryLeadership is a very important aspect for any organization. A good leader can practically makeor break an organization (Northouse, 2015). This course throws light on various kinds and stylesof leadership that exist today. No organization can survive without an effective leader. Evenemployee satisfaction and their work life balance depends largely on the leader they report to.This course has helped us understand that leadership is also important in everyday life. Thequalities of a leader help in developing an individual into a better performer, communicator andmanager (Nahavandi, 2015). Leaders focus on the learning of their followers and through thiscourse I have learnt a lot about my personal abilities as a leader.1 (A) What is the value of the subject experience for developing my leadership abilityThis is the first time that I have studied the subject of leadership and this subject has reallywidened my horizon on the same topic. I have come to realize the importance of leadership in anorganization and has also helped me gain a deeper insight on my leadership abilities. Theassessment activities done in classes were great fun and also came with a new lesson every time.I have come to understand my leadership abilities and I plan on improving the same. I havegained an understanding of the concept of VABE which helped me realize that every person hashis or her own VABE (Values, assumptions, beliefs and expectations) (Goleman, 2013). ThisVABE can change over a period of time and with increasing experience. My score on readinessof leadership turned out to be 75 on 100 which is moderate. Therefore, i realized that there arecertain qualities of a good leader that I need to improve upon. For example, I have a tendency tobe extremely emotional whereas a leader should be understanding of people’s emotions but mustbe able to take practical decisions (Fairhurst, 2014).It is vital for a leader to be aware of his interests, abilities and qualities. Earlier I did not paymuch thought on my future plans but after taking several self-awareness tests online and in class,I have come to realize that my real interest lies in event management and I will work towardsbuilding a career in that field. The book clearly emphasized on having a purpose in life andtherefore I have started working towards achieving my long term goals (Antonakis, 2017). The
Management and Leadership2leader must continue to build a comforting and motivated environment around him. This is why Ihave started working on building positive relationships with people.1 (B). What is my opinion about the subject experience for developing my leadership capacity?My opinion about leadership has been greatly impacted by the learning of this subject. In factthis subject has helped me improve my leadership skills. I have been working as a team leader.My organization is very new and hence the culture is very flat and unprofessional. I learnt abouttransformational leadership in my subject and realized the exact leadership needs of myorganization (Daft, 2014). I understood the importance of working with different people who areall young and enthusiastic. I have learnt to manage people of different age groups as they have adifferent thought process and behavior. As a leader, now I try to put myself in their shoes and tryto see from their lens before making any decision (Avolio, 2013).“How has this experience changed my thinking about my leadership capacity?”My personal leadership capacity and those of my colleagues has been put in better light duringthe course of this subject learning. I have understood that leaders should be able to motivateemployees to work hard and achieve organizational goals (Pernecky, 2015). I observed that mostseniors in my workplace do not encourage employees to work. Their performance is notappreciated. Because it is a new organization, performance management policies of the firm arenot yet in place and hence it is increasingly difficult for performing employees to remainmotivated. After this course, I personally make it a point that the people around me remaininspired and there is a positive environment in the workplace (Jones, 2014). I have put in effortsto appreciate the performance of employees.Also, initially I believed that having a strong subject knowledge would be sufficient to be a goodleader and this is why I always thought that I will be great at event management as a leader. But Ihave realized that the even management industry requires immense hard work, quick decisionmaking and efficient planning in case of a crisis (Johnston, 2014). I will need to ensure that myteam is motivated and there is perfect coordination within them for the success of an event. So Ineed to improve upon my abilities to manage conflict in a team.1 (C) why do I think this?
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