Preparing For Professional Transitions

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Running head: PREPARING FOR PROFESSIONAL TRANSITIONSPreparing for professional transitionsName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1PREPARING FOR PROFESSIONAL TRANSITIONSMSN (Master of Science in Nursing) practicum provides guided experience that ispertinent to the health or nursing care management that align with my area of nursing leadershipto facilitate my development as a nurse leader-manager (Sørensen, Delmar & Pedersen, 2011).For the professional development, it is important to develop professional development objectivesfor the achievement and evaluate them through the experiences in the practicum. After the MSNcompletion, I aspire to become a nurse leader-manager and take up the role of nursingleadership. There are many challenges that I will likely to encounter during my transition to thisnew role. I believe that among the leadership roles in the healthcare system, a nurse leadermanager has a direct impact on the quality of care and service that is delivered to the patients andtheir families throughout the healthcare experience. For a nurse leader-manager, I have to beaccountable for the management and leading the medical staff who are responsible for providingpatient care. Moreover, quality and safety issues are also linked along with management ofhealthcare workforce to create a successful future as a nurse leader-manager. MSN programprovide the experience and knowledge that help to advance the competencies needed to move tothe nursing leadership position (Wilkinson, Nutley & Davies, 2011). The first professional development objective is to achieve critical thinking skills for theevaluation and management of the healthcare business unit. There is a need to manage qualityand safety issues, clinical issues and rostering, occupational health and safety issues,organizational behavioural and conflict resolution that demands critical leadership and problem-solving skills. Critical thinking skill is important as it helps to engage creatively in rationalinquiry using current research and nursing processes to improve the healthcare outcomes (). Toachieve it, it is important for me to recognize the problems and raise questions for criticalevaluation of the management issues. For this, I have to gather evidence that supports the

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