Unleashing Google's Potential: Effective Management Strategies


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Management PracticesIntroductionManagement stands for the interlocking functions related to the creation of policy and organizingalong with controlling, planning and directing the resources of the organization so as to achieveall the aims and objectives of the policy. Traditionally, management was defined as providinginstructions to the managers and other people on how the task must be processed and themanagers had a task of supervising others (Otley, D., 1994). Whereas in the today’s world the termmanagement requires multi-tasking and multi-skilled employees so as to achieve the goals whichadd to the value. Therefore it is now considered as a process of allocating the resources so asobtain the best results. The traditional management experience was similar to what Julia wentthrough in her first group.Managing organizational behaviorThe opinions, beliefs, information and knowledge being held by a person make the cognitivecomponent of the attitude. For example, Julia strongly felt that the first group was a source ofstress.Furthermore, the emotional or feeling part of the attitude is effective. This part was highlydemonstrated by the statement ‘‘I always felt like I had to prove myself,''. Therefore the effectand the cognition lead to the behavioral outcomes. The behavioral component of an attituderefers to the intention of behaving in a particular manner towards any person or something orsome situation. Therefore, continuing the example of Julia, she might always prefer a healthyenvironment in her management team. Due to the fact that these components are tied to thepolicy, work functions, organizational structure, procedures, individuals, employees, people ofthe organization and being highly aware of these attitudes help the manager in understanding and
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Management Practicesexplaining and predicting the behavior of the employee. Therefore this helps the manager inworking efficiently with their colleagues and employees present in the organization and furtherassisting and then influencing them so as to achieve all the organizational goals. Groups and teamsThe scientific management theorists like Gilbreths’ techniques known as therbligs would haveembraced the idea of high and increased reliance on the team in any organization or corporations.Furthermore, Fredrick W. Taylor and his definition of finding the best one way would also haveapproved of the team and group idea. Both of them would have to first understand the teamconcept but would also agree that the teams are emerging out to be the best one way and one ofthe highly important techniques that could be beneficial and efficient for the organization. Furthermore the behavioural science theorists like Hugo Munsterberg, Robert Owen, ChesterBarnard and Mary Parker Follett who referred this study as organizational behavior or OB wouldaccept the whole idea and would not be surprised on the increased reliance on the team andgroup as they all believed that the employees must be considered as the best assets for thecompany, and therefore they must be managed in an effective manner. These were the sciencetheorists whose idea provided a prime foundation to all the management practices ranging fromthe team works, selection procedures and motivation programs, etc. (Kozlowski, S. W., & Bell, B.S.,2003). Norms and Conformity can also be some of the reasons affecting the group behavior. According to the Schwarz’s (Schwartz, S. H., & Bardi, A., 2001). The conformity usually derives from the requirement that the employees usually inhibit their inclinations disrupting as well as undermining the group functioning and smooth interaction. This emphasizes on the self-restraintin their office life. Whereas the norms have been regarded as the standard which must be told to
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