Analysis of Canada Utilities


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MANAGEMENT PROVIDER1Part 1Annotated BibliographyWebsites and articles Bloomberg.(2018).Retrievedfromhttps://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=873742This source provides an overview of Canada Utilities as well as the employees who areinvolved in the organisation. A detailed description of the work carried out by the company isprovided on this website and thus it will be easier to get an idea of the resources of the company. It has been found that Canada Utilities operates in different segments such as the provision ofpipeline and liquids, electricity and other corporate segments. The corporate segment involves in theprovision of natural gas as well as retail electricity and the commercial activities. The pipelinesegment is integrated in such a way that it can provide services to other segments easily. The Board ofDirectors, as well as the corporate members, play a vital role in the improvement of the organisation.Cision. (2018). Retrieved from https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/responding-to-climate-change-and-other-regulatory-challenges-is-top-concern-faced-by-canadian-utilities-sector-pwc-survey-537783831.htmlThis article will highlight the responsiveness of Canada Utilities to climate change as well asthe other challenges that are being faced by the company. The regulatory concern of the company hasalso been discussed in this article. It has been found that there should be changes in the functioning of the company and this will makeit easier to carry out the planning process in a better way. The regulatory concerns of the company areconsidered to be specific and this will make it easier to review the generational mix in a better way.The infrastructure investment, as well as the shortage of capital, economic incentives and the actionsfor climate change, has been discussed in the article. FundingUniverse.(2018).Retrievedfromhttp://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/canadian-utilities-limited-history/This article has carried out an in-depth discussion of the origin and development of CanadaUtilities. The history of the origin of the company as well as its provision for expansion anddiversification is explained in this article. Canada Utilities has evolved from Canada Western Natural Gas Company and gradually with thepassage of time; it has acquired its right track. Although there were several challenges in theestablishment of the company, the company has managed to operate successfully. The GreatDepression and the World War has affected the functioning of the company to a large extent. SmallCap Power (2018). Retrieved from https://smallcappower.com/top-stories/canadian-utilities-stocks-natural-gas/
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