Managing an operational plan at BizOps Enterprises Assignment

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Managing an operational plan atBizOps Enterprises
9. Operational plan of Delivery VanTaskTime lineResponsibilitiesBudgetLevel ofCompletionMarket Analysis10 DaysTo purchasing thedelivery van,firstly enterpriseshould analysisthe market, priceof van and price ofthe competitors,feature of the van,guarantee andmileage of the vanetc. are to beanalysedTo performing thetask, the budget isdecided 10000$but due to makingthe marketresearch the totalexpenses were25000$.By analysing thetask marketresearch is to bedone. It estimatethat for manyoutlets specificresearch are notdone, and in someareas, enterprisespend lots ofmoney. So that asabove, task 1 isperformed but notas per the decidingthe plan. Here thetask level ofcompletion is 66%Purchasing10 DaysAfter making themarket research,van is to bepurchased underthis task. Itincludes followingthings such as:1. Filing the legaldocuments2. Submitting thecompany'sdocument3. Payment4. Getting the van5. Adding theBy purchasing thevan it require the1.60 million$ butenterprise decidesthe budget is 1.75million $.In purchasing task,all the vans fordifferent outletswere purchased. Inthis way 100%level of task willbe completed.
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