Managing Human Resource Management Assignment - Zara

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Managing HumanResource
INTRODUCTIONHuman resource management always performs very much important functions into theorganization such as training and development, monitor and selection performance and so on.Along with this HRM can be defined as the practices, policies and programmes which isprepared for designing personal and organizational goals in an effective manner. It is a goodprocess which helps people and organization to make effective bound together in order toachieve their goals and objectives within the particular time frame. Present assignment is basedon ZARA which is one of the famous retailer industry and deals with different kind of productslike shoes, clothing, accessories, beauty and perfumes etc. this company was formed in the yearof 1975 by Amancio Ortega and headquartered in Arteixo, Spain. Further discussion will bebased on effectiveness of 'Banded' (tiered) pay systems with proper focus on specific relativefairness and proper satisfaction for employees by using motivational theories. Lastly, functionsof HRM will get discussed(Brewster, Gooderham and Mayrhofer, 2016).MAIN BODYHR is one of the best approach as well as sum total of individuals who always make theproper organization, workforce, various business sectors and economy. Along with thismanagement is the art of getting things done by individuals. On the other side in terms ofbusiness and organization management plays very important function like coordinates the effortsof individuals for fulfilling goals by using effective resources properly. In context with ZARAthey are effectively using Banded or tiered system which is used to identifying band (range) ofcompensation and given for particular roles of employees within the organization. On the otherside these sort of bands organized for salary compensation plan, system and programs as well.Within the organization these bonds focuses on the level of compensation in order to give higherrange jobs to employees with effective pay. Some times company faces different kind of barrierswhich demotivate employees such as insufficient pay, lower satisfaction towards job and so on.Therefore, company needed to have better motivational level within the working place to achieveeffective goals(Buckley, Wheeler and Halbesleben, 2018).So that manager of this respectivecompany is responsible to manage pay bands for employees by which they can increaseemployee responsibilities towards the particular work.1
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