Managing Leadership and Stewardship Assignment

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Managing, Leadership, & Stewardship1Managing, Leadership, & StewardshipBy NameCourseInstructorInstitutionLocationDate
Managing, Leadership, & Stewardship2Managing, Leadership, & StewardshipPre-Subject ReflectionBeing a Managing Director or a CEO of a company was something that I admired a lot asI was in school and that influenced my choice of undertaking Finance and Marketing course.Once I graduated in the Finance and Marketing field the interest of being a CEO in a company atsome point in life escalated and became a dream that I wished to come true. Any graduate withdreams of being at the top of any company is aware of the hard work and the mindset of thepeople in top management so as to be able to know the strategies required to reach that peakpoint of management. In my MBA study I came across an important topic where it pointed onthe right ways that are necessary to lead a company. However, this topic gave me an entirelydifferent reflection on management, leadership and stewardship requirements contrary to what Iinitially had in mind. To me leading a company meant understanding how to manage but thistopic gave me an insight on how to separate leading a company where prioritizing investors andstakeholders come first and leading a company where people priorities come first. My choice tostudy Finance and Marketing was important as it enlightened me on three crucial pointers. One isit was my choice as it fitted with my career field. The other reason is because of my interest inlearning leadership and finally this subject granted me the power to be able to change howmanagement is seen externally. Stewardship in my assumption I can define it as the way peopleare supervised in an organization. Stewardship was also a subject of interest to me as I wanted toknow its different approaches and dimensions. Other topics of interest that I came across wasOrganizational Dialogue and Theory and Practices that majorly dealt with importance of goodleadership in an organization and both topics go hand in hand. Choosing this subject was a goodidea to me as it helped me in learning and adding my interpersonal skills as well. Any leadershould possess good interpersonal skills that help in efficient way of conversing as well as beingan effective listener. This subject therefore will sharpen my interpersonal skills as a leader and Iwill be able to blend in into the corporate world.Another example of a challenge I faced as a leader was when I was employed as aManager in a Sports Consulting Company. During that time as the Manager, most of the times Iwas not able to prioritize work for the team that I was leading. Having a team comprising of 12people and working on different projects at a time was a challenge. We mostly dealt with
Managing, Leadership, & Stewardship3handling of the brand partners of the company, manning the office in India as well as ensuringcustomer satisfaction and customer care functions. All these responsibilities sometimes weighedus down and at some point, my team and I would work for 10 hours straight in one day and thiswas very strenuous because sometimes I would ignore calls from the brand partners which wasbad for business. I got out of that company and now sometimes I look back and I am ashamed onhow I handled business there and I think I could have done better in my work as an effectiveleader.In the course of undertaking my bachelor degree, our school had a drama societywhereby I was the President of that club. Drama groups are normally huge and contain a lot ofparticipants and our drama group was no different. There were about 250 students whoparticipated in drama and that was a challenge to me in terms of managing such a big number. Ifaced challenges as the President of the drama group especially in allocating equal opportunitiesto all the members and ensuring that all members felt their presence was valued. Being a leader(President of the drama group) made me feel like I was not fair enough to all members involvedand this made me feel like I could have handled the leadership better. Undertaking this subjectthough, made me learn and gain more advantage in personal and professional growth as a leader.Mid-subject ReflectionDuring my first semester in my lectures in MLS, I encountered other students who werefrom vast cultures and backgrounds that were interesting as they shared their opinions and viewsin terms of their personal encounters and experiences with leadership. Incorporation of lecturesand series of insightful tutorials every week was an eye-opener to us on what real worldleadership problems were as well as sharpening theories that we learned in our lectures.Combining both class lectures and theories together with tutorials was insightful and made usunderstand leadership wholly.In-class activitiesReal and complex activities in week 4 put my mind to test and made me think evenharder on real life practices. We were given a case study to work on as a group and I did a role
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