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Managing Quality in Health and Social Care Report

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Added on  2020-07-22

Managing Quality in Health and Social Care Report

   Added on 2020-07-22

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Managing Quality in Health
and Social Care
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Managing prime is a necessary part in health and social care services that includes
various perspectives and understanding. The value of other external stakeholder and service
users, students will learn the significance of both empowerment and participation of service
customers for doing functions of improving quality confidence of services (Parekh and,
2011). Quality management is an important element for business or other service industry. The
main role of management is to supply suitable standard of facilities which satisfy the maximum
level. The report is based on Airedale NHS foundation Trust which is the largest service provider
hospitality sector and it is situated in United Kingdom. Management need to focus on patient’s
health issues so that they will easily recover from their disease. For maintaining standard quality
which has to be framing and take to get executed as per their necessitate. Some methods help in
evaluating and measuring quality which have to be frame by which they can attain such standard
1.1 Perspective of external stakeholders regarding their quality
Before implementing any business operations, it is necessary component which involved
with their stakeholders for making any type of business functions. There are different
stakeholders who have variety of perspective for associated with an enterprise and administration
can take correct actions on them so they get interested for fulfilled (Moorhead and, 2013).
Management of quality is essential theme for such business venture and administration has to
maintain or manage their standardised work according to different stakeholder perspectives. In
HSC, several stakeholders’ views and reviews are connected with their choice that is as follows:
Here are two kind of stakeholders that includes intrinsic and extrinsic. All these factors
have certain views for managing attribute work that are render by hospital. For such view of
outside stakeholders required to identified.
Users- Airedale NHS Foundation Trust requires to determine the illness of their enduring
so they can supply work and render management as per the demand. According to point of view
of users, they need to make quality services and management have to recruit those staff members
who help them in delivering appropriate quality services. The NHS users are providing effective
Managing Quality in Health and Social Care Report_3
quality based services and products which attracting large number of customers. The employees
also giving best offers and facilities to their buyers which assist in gaining attention of people.
Government- Authority can frame some number of policies that have to be followed by
HSC suppliers (Reeves and et. al., 2011). Management need to precede them so that customer’s
well-being problems get reduced and keep choice services which can be rendered. Airedale NHS
foundation Trust organisation have to follow various regulations of Welfare and Safety Act
1996, security act. There are different Acts which are required to be framed by authorities in
order to get favour of customers.
According to this, administration need to follow these standards where they can identify
the measure of services for rendering and investigating the laws which can frame by government
while delivering of services.
1.2 Function of extrinsic authority in setting superior
For set the modular choice, administration has to see upon their stakeholders by which
they can present prime work. In such circumstance, at several instance, most of the firm lead to
forget their stakeholders welfare which is important term for their high growth and success. They
will get failed for supply quality based services to their customers (Insel and et. al., 2011). There
are some agencies who work for maintaining high standard quality services. It includes Care
Quality Commission, National institute for care characteristic for some of the enterprise who
lead for assisting in set up correct standard of quality.
Care Quality Commission (CQC) - The main aim of this agency is to set the
standardised for social care and residential care administration. They mainly focus on their daily
activities where entire concentration on reaching with standard quality. This agency will show an
necessary function in supplying effective employment to large amount of customers. Airedale
NHS Foundation Trust has to cognisant about these authority so at the period of necessity and
other substantial are forever there for these acts. This is that agency where the manager are
providing special care to each patient and also giving effective services or facilities to them.
Through this they can easily recover with their disease in better manner.
National Institute for care excellence- This will provide the advices to the Airedale
NHS foundation trust in United Kingdom. Their major roles are as follows:
It also involves with standard for social care services and care homes.
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