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INTRODUCTIONProject management is a practice by which the goals and objectives that is being set forthe specific project can be achieved at that particular time. The project mainly goes through the 4stages that is initialization, planning, execution, controlling and closing in order to make it asuccessful project (Addis, 2012). The project is mainly led by a project manager all the decisionregarding a particular project is made by him.Unicorn is a small-scale retail organization in UK. In this report CSR will beimplemented in the company Unicorn in order to achieve the sustainable objectives. Based onthe CSR implementation the planning will be done in this report regarding the time, budget etc.P1: Aims and objective Background – Business firms that device a well-structured and considerately deliberate businessaccountability are able to presenttrusted management in their enterprise and also they earnrespect of their customers. Today more and more companies whether small or large-scale formsare implementing CSR in their business in order to achieve the goals of their business. By usingthe concept of corporate social responsibility(CSR) organization integrate social andenvironmental concerns in their operation of business and interactions with stakeholders (Aubryand Lavoie-Tremblay, 2018.). It is way by which companies will be able to achieve a balance ofeconomy, environment and social imperatives. For years the companies have believed that theironly responsibility was to earn profit but through this new idea that is CSR the companiesintegrate both social and environmental concern in their strategies and in the world play moreresponsible role.Aims- “To implement CSR in the company Unicorn in order to meet its sustainable objectives” ObjectivesTo implement CSR in the company Unicorn To be able to meet the present requirements of the company without cooperating thecapability of future generation.To involve the employees more in their work and to increase the employee retention ratesTo generate more satisfaction among the customers To increase the sales and profit due to implementation of CSR in the company To complete this project till may 20181
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Rational –The implementation of CSR in the company Unicorn is important as it will carry adiversity of modest compensations of this company such as enhanced admission to wealth andmarket, upsurge sales and incomes etc. This company will be able to improve its image in themarket and better decision will be made. The involvement of the employees will be more in theirwork. For an instance marketing staff will be motivated to help a non-profit with promotionalefforts (De Bruij and Ten Heuvelhof, 2010). About the causes in which the employees haveinterest the organization will also solicit input and feedback from them. With the implementationof CSR in the company the workflow in the organization will be better.P2: Budget, scope, quality, time, communication, resources and the risk Budget - The budget of implementing CSR in company may be varied depending on thetype of business. Besides, CSR are generally implemented in large scale of organisation becausethey investing huge amount on the CSR activities. In order to engage more number ofemployees and generate more satisfaction among the customers this company need to make useof new software that is Prime-seller. With incredible features this software will provide aflawless interface. By fetching the customers from various market one can easily sell theproducts. In this company POS billing will be helpful to manage the physical store sales. At thecounter the clerk scans through the items at the point of sales (POS) and final bill is generated.This software that is being implemented in the company will cost around $10,000-$150,000.There need to pay annual recurrent fees that will be not be included in the initial implementation(Dykstra, 2011).Training cost – To the employees that are working in the workplace the training need to be givenregarding how the management have planned to implement CSR in the company Unicorn. In thisthey will be made aware about the benefits that will be gained through implementation of CSR inthe company. About $10,000 will be require in the training about this new software which is apart of CSR implementation the employees need to be trained.Maintenance cost – The hardware, network and labour cost are included in the implementationof CSR. So, it need to be maintained properly. As the company will be required new talents,network, hardware etc., in order to implement CSR so it will cost around $12,000.Scope 2
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In the company Unicorn the estimated budget for implementing CSR will be around$50,000 as per the estimation done for the completion of this project by the month of May, 2018.By taking into consideration the time and budget the high-quality project will be delivered. Dueto implementation of CSR in the company the productivity will be more and also the customersatisfaction regarding the services that will be given to them will also be more (Fox, 2015).Time From the April 2018 this project will initiateto complete it by May 2018. All relatedtasks for implementing CSR in the company Unicorn will be completed till this period. All thework such as training to the employees, work breakdown structure, cost estimation, allocation ofresources etc., will be done during this time. In this company the project manager will beresponsible to ensure all work is done on the estimated time.Communication The effective communication is the essence of successful project. A projectcommunication plan in the project is the blue print for communication project. In the format thatworks for them this plan should provide correctdata to right person at suitable time.Delineating the goalThe project team will be giving inputs during this project as a way of observing thesuccess of the undertaken project. The project is required to be finished within an estimatedperiod and budget. The stakeholder’s role is important in terms of checking all relatedspecifications of the undertaken project (Hornstein, 2015).AudienceThe stakeholder’s and the project manager are responsible to receive the data related to theproject.Type of information provides Stakeholder- Regarding the project plan, budget, change scope etc., they should be gettinginformation.Project team- They need to be given information such as work in progress, issues etc.Methods used in the communicationMeeting – In between the project team and the project manager this will take place. Five times ina month this meeting will be there. All group members will get a chance to know one another in3
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first meeting. The second meeting will involve discussion on the project. Meetings are a greatway to bring group together for resolving issues.4
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