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MARKET RESEARCH 1The market research problem that has been picked for the assessment is given below:How can Apple capture more market than Android devices?The selected respondents for the interviews have been picked from the known friends. Both of the users are using Samsung 8 which is a high end Android phone from Samsung. The focus groups are also using high end Samsung phone. These individuals are picked because the price in which they are using the Samsung phone, they could have purchase Iphone6 or Iphone7, however they are using Samsung. Therefore, it has been expected that unearthing the answer to that question may help resolve the market research problem.Initially none of the participants were taking the interview seriously and denied sitting for the interviews. However, few requests helped resolve the situation. They did not allow recording the interview. For the focus groups, four of the connections were picked the Facebook personal connection list. All these individuals were also enjoying the Samsung phone and not IphoneIn the interview, both the respondents were male and in the focus group, two were male and two were female. The respondents were in the age group of 20-30 years. All of these people, in the interview or in the focus group, were heavy users of the phone. They can be found highly active on the social media channels through their phones.In the beginning of the interview, no stimuli were used and only the purpose of the interview wasstated. However, after a while, the respondents were shown the IPhone 7’s advertisement, that was picked from the Apple’s YouTube channel.
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