Challenges and Barriers to Effective Communication


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Challenges and barriers to effective communication
Effective communication is an ability to convey the message, ideas and thought with the help of any medium from one person to another in
effectively and efficiently manner. In which it includes seven characteristics i.e. clear, correct, complete, precise, reliable, sender’s courtesy and
the consideration of recipient (Thompson, 2018). For the same there are various obstacles that create hindrance in process of communication and
makes useless for both receiver and sender. In which some of the barriers are discussed below:
Linguistic barrier: This barrier is due to the language problem.
Speaking various language having strong accents. For example,
if sender use excessive use of technological language then it will
difficult for receiver to understand the message clearly when the
sender is not having knowledge about technology. This creates
frustration sometime (Hanafi and et.al., 2020).
Noise barrier: It is the most common barrier in communication that can be
ascends due to random disturbance and which leads to reduces in obscures and
confuse the clarity of message. In which it includes physical, physiological,
psychological and semantic all these are the types of noise barriers (Pilkington,
2016). For instance, a person is talking to another person on mobile phone, the
receiver will not get clear message due to some network problems or might be
due to the disturbance that happens around sender. So these two factors acts as
noise barrier.
Cultural barrier: It is arises due to the culture difference. If a an individual
will shift from India to UK, then that individual faces so many challenges in
languages and culture because the culture of Indian people is different from the
culture and langue of United Kingdom. As well as the living standard is also
differ in both nations (Shennan, 2019).
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