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GELATO SHOPMarketing Plan[Type the document subtitle]ABC[Pick the date]
Marketing Plan1Gelato Shop (Name: GoldenSpoon)IntroductionAs a background, Gelato is a quite a famous ice cream & when its blended with the regionlike Canberra it will be able to derive success within a short span of time. It was during atravel experience in the Canberra region, opening up of the ice cream shop looked lucrative.We did an in-depth analysis of the Gelato ice creams launch I Canberra region related totarget region, ice cream industry in the region, the investment being made, sizing, competitoranalysis & favorable PESTLE conditions supporting the expansion of ice cream brand in theregion.Ice Cream Stores IndustryIce cream industry is growing sharply within the span of five years & it has resulted in theincrease in employment opportunities along with growth splurge in the industry. It isprojected that ice cream market will grow over the span of 10 years at the rate of 2.6%, whichis greater than country’s GDP 2.5%. Hence ice cream industry has a rate of growth as of thecountry GDP. There has been a downward trend in the prices of water, cream & sugar &hence generating a high profits margins. In order to expand one needs to analyze a suitablelocation, stores designing & can be open within a small square feet zone as well (ElNagar,2005).Situation AnalysisThe purpose of this assignment is to find out an in-depth market study of the ice creamindustry in the Canberra region. This came to my studies & findings while traveling inCanberra due to the erratic climate conditions & seeing ice cream being extremely popular
Marketing Plan2among the people after cola & water etc. This came as a striking opportunity to target &expand in this Canberra region due to the existence of fewer competitors prevalent &growing market trend of 2.6% which is equal to country’s GDP. Other sectors were alsoconsidered to target, but ice creams industry looked extremely lucrative option after studyingother markets & doing competitor, market analysis. Corresponding to the growing economy,observed since last 10 years ice cream industry looked quite stable without getting affectedby any internal or external factors & splurging at a steady rate.Industry Analysis & Industry TrendsThe Ice Cream is growing sharply & recorded a growth of 10.3% in the last 5 years. Industryrevenue is growing by 6.0% in 2016-17 & touched $997.4 million. The demand has splurged& have gained demand for industry products, especially in premium, exotic, per scoop servedsegments etc. Last five years have been successful for the ice cream manufactures whichprovide premium, gourmet gelato ice cream products. Even with the health awareness &change in lifestyle changes consumer still prefers home tub then per scoop served & otherranges of ice creams (Erickson, 2006).Industry Report - Industry ProductsIce cream Industry operator’s manufacture which bifurcates the division into designing,serving size and quality. Industry products are divided into five categories: take-home tubs,take-home multi-packs, premium take-home tubs, unpackaged scoop-and-serve products, andindividually packaged products. Take-home tubs hold largest share in the industry which are
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