Topic: Gelato Shop (Name: GoldenSpoon).

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Topic: Gelato Shop (Name: GoldenSpoon)Joe has been working in the food industry for 10 years and seen the rise of gelato shops. He thinks there is an opportunity for healthy low fat deserts and would like to use his savings to open a gelato shop in Canberra. He approached a marketing consult to assist him with developing a marketing plan for the new business.He would like to have an analysis of the uncontrollable environment, a detailed overview of the ice cream stores industry, competition situation (including competition types and competition levels), and consumer trends in Canberra. He needs geo-demographic information that will enable him to choose a location for the business in Canberra and target a specific target.He then needs a detailed marketing strategy that provides advice in regards to product, pricing, location and promotion.Suggested ResourcesYellow pages This source is helpful for you to identify local competitors.Regional data on ABS This is a source for demographic data aboutsuburbs in Canberra.Finding government statistics, Australian Government Business, This is a government website guiding you to look for statistics from government sources.Market research & statistics in your state or territory, This is a government website providing state specific data.Retail Trade, Australia April 2016, Australian Bureau of Statistics, This page shows recent data about retail statistics by industry. Useful for industry overview. Average weekly earnings and other economic indicators data from ACT Government (Useful for addressing economic forces.)Household expenditure data from ABS (Relevant source to economic forces discussion)ACT economic overview available at Invest Canberra website This is a useful source of Canberra economy discussion.Benchmarks by industry (This is a useful source for cost analysis.)Australian food statistics 2012-2013 This is a relevant report for food related topics.Economic Outlook, ACT Budget 2016 – 2017, This website
contains useful information about economic factors of Canberra. Information could be considered to be used for PESTEL analysis. Page31-40 contain information could be considered in discussing political forces section. Page 51 & 52 of this report contain useful information about demographics of Canberra.IBISWorld, You can search synopsis of industry report on this website. Useful for Industry Overview section.Australian Bureau of Statistics, Retail Trade, Australia, Aug 2016, Useful for Industry Overview section.Helix Personas, (This source is useful for support target market discussion in relation to lifestyle segments in Australia.)Required Template/assignment sections (Requirements)

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