Mary Cassatt was a popular American painter who was known as

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Mary Cassatt was a popular American painter who was known as "Les Trois Grandes Dames" ofImpressionism. Most probable she engaged in the creation of social and private women's lives inher paintings focusing significantly on the mothers and children relationships. She developed"The Child's Bath "an oil painting of 1893, was considered the best painting in comparison to allother paintings (Jones, 2014). In this painting, she comprised an unorthodox and strikingcomposition which makes it very attractive and beautiful.This work included various devices that were unconventional like bold outlines, floral designs,cropped forms, flattened perspectives and patterns which were all derived from Mary Cassattstudies of Japanese woodblock prints. The patterns are through grays and mauves which aremainly restrained with the soft coloration that allows focus of the audience to the subject of thescene which is the close relationship between the mother and the child (Shields, 2016).Both the mother and the child are highly related to their task's shared absorption as the pitcherand the bowl which are being utilized for the domestic ritual. The main scene of the imagedepends on a child’s daily bathing that known as a special moment. The women are seemed to

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