Health Service Operations Management Assignment


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Page3MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENTCourse: Health Service Operations Management MOP552Awarding Organisation: Swiss Business SchoolFaculty: Dr Hala AfifiDeadline: Friday 17th of February 2017 ________________________________________________________________ASSIGNMENTProviding a quality Healthcare service efficiently is a continues challenge tohealthcare operation managers. As a healthcare operation manger IDENTIFY anoperation you encountered in your work place or from your professionalexperience, which can be improved to provide quality service. Apply one or moreof the PROCESS IMPROVEMENT TOOLS you learnt to propose an improvementplan for the identified operation. Word Count: 2500-2600 excluding references if anyTotal marks available = 100Pass mark = 70%1Assignment: Health Service Operations Management MOP552Deadline ...................... 2017

Page3GENERAL REGULATIONS OF ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSIONDeadline: Friday 17th of February 2017Method of Submission: Hardcopy hand-in Total Mark: 100 (100% of your final mark). Pass mark: 70 (70% of the total mark)Late Submissions1.One marks will be deducted for each day after the deadline in which the submission has not been made; therefore, for example, if the assignment is 2 days late, you will lose 2 marks. Submission will NOT be accepted after Friday 24th of February 2017.However, if the delay was beyond your control due to illness or other mitigating circumstances, your reasons should be submitted to <coordinator@kingscpd.org.uk> along with your supportive evidence. After considering your reasons, acceptance or rejection of the circumstance will be solelyat the discretion of the faculty members teaching the course.Notes: a.The assignment should be typed in Times New Roman font style with font size 12 and should bedouble-spaced to allow space for marker comments.b.The assignment will be checked for plagiarism.c.Please provide the references to sources- if required-, including online resources. For help, pleaseread the attached document entitled ‘Referencing’.d.The submission date and time CANNOT be postponed and late submissions will have marksdeducted from them.2Assignment: Health Service Operations Management MOP552Deadline ...................... 2017

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