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Assignment on Concepts of Data Structures

Added on - 12 Oct 2019

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ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION AND ASSESSMENT_________________________________________________________________________CDDS 2103Introduction to Data StructureMAY 2016_________________________________________________________________________INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS1.This assignment contains onlyTWO (2)question that is set in both Malay and English.2.Answer in MalayorEnglish.3.Learners are to submit assignment only in MsWord format unless specified otherwise. Pleaserefrain from converting text/phrases into picture format such as .gif / .jpeg / print screen / etc.4.Download the language version of theassignmenttemplateconcerned from the myINSPIRE forpreparation and submission of your assignment. Your assignment should be typed using 12point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing.5.You must submit your assignmentONLINEvia the myINSPIRE.Refer to the portal forinstructionson the procedures to submit your assignment online. You are advised to keep a copy of yoursubmitted assignment for personal reference.6.You can submit your assignmentONCEonly in aMULTIPLE FILEas per requirement of theassignment (1 main file and attachment/supporting files).7./Your assignment mustbe submitted between27th Juneuntil17th July 2016.Submissionafter17th July 2016willNOTbe accepted.8.You are required to present your assignment task to your F2F tutor.Both F2F and OL studentsshould attend this presentation.Please refer to your Learning Center Administrator to confirmon the date for the presentation.9.Your assignment should be prepared individually. You should not copy another person’sassignment. You should also not plagiarise another person’s work as your own.10.Please take note thatPENALTY will be imposed on late submission of assignment as specified inthe Registrar’s Office circular 6/2012(Refer to Registrar’s Announcement in myINSPIRE)11.Please ensure that you keep the RECEIPT issued upon submisson of your assignment as proof ofsubmission. Your assignment is considered as NOT submitted if you fail to produce thesubmission receipt in any dispute arises concerning assignment submission.PENILAIAN /EVALUATION
This assignment accounts for50%of the total marks for the courseand shall be assessed based onthe Rubricsattached.You would be given feedback on the assignment before the Final Semester Examination commences.PLAGIARISME: POTONGAN MARKAH /PLAGIARISM: MARKS DEDUCTIONWarning:The submitted assignment will automatically undergo a similarity check. If plagiarism isdetected, marks would be deducted as follows:No.% Similarity (from)% Similarity (To)% of Mark Deduction10300230.01505350.017010470.01100100
ASSIGNMENT QUESTION/ SOALAN TUGASANPURPOSEThe purpose of this assignment is to test learner’s understanding on the concepts of datastructures such as basic operations of arrays and linked lists.QUESTION 1REQUIREMENT / ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONArrays are used to store data of the same type. There are two main concepts of understanding anarray:element, each item stored in an array is called an element, andindex, each location of anelement in an array has a numerical index which is used to identify the element. There are severalways to declare an array. For example:int Arr[5] = {1,3,5,7,8};An illustration of the array declared:elements13578index01234Size: 5There are many ways to use or manipulate an array, these are some of the basic array operations:i)Traverse – print all array elements one by one.ii)Insertion – add an element at a given index.iii)Deletion – delete an element at a given index.Examples of Insertion and Deletion operations are given:Insertion OperationThe original array elements are :Arr[0]=1Arr[1]=3Arr[2]=5Arr[3]=7Arr[4]=8The array elements after insertion at index 3 :Arr[0]=1Arr[1]=3Arr[2]=5
Arr[3]=10Arr[4]=7Arr[5]=8Deletion OperationThe original array elements are :Arr[0]=1Arr[1]=3Arr[2]=5Arr[3]=7Arr[4]=8The array elements after deletion at index 2:Arr[0]=1Arr[1]=3Arr[2]=7Arr[3]=8Write a C program that will be able to do the 3 basic array operations. The documentation mustinclude a short introduction to the problem given, the program codes, and several output screens(screenshots). You must submit the documentation file and the .c program file.(20)The assessment will be done based on the following criteria:i.A proper writing of C codes and its structureii.The ability of program to be compiled and executediii.Implementation of correct programming techniquesiv.Complete documentation and correct submissionNote: You must write C programming codes for this assignment.
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