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Statement of Purpose for Master's Degree in Marketing at Monash University

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Added on  2023-06-06

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The author of this statement of purpose discusses their education in business management, practical skills gained from working with a chartered accountant and an administrative assistant, and community involvement in volunteering. They explain why they believe Monash University is the perfect platform to achieve their career goals in marketing.

Statement of Purpose for Master's Degree in Marketing at Monash University

   Added on 2023-06-06

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Statement of purpose
Statement of purpose
Having acquired high education in Business management and also attained practical skills from
C.A Sivakumar chartered Accountant and the Kandambari press organizations, it is my pleasure
to exploit the acquired knowledge by undertaking Master degree study in marketing in your
university, Monash University. Being a student in a marketing related course in my diploma and
my degree studies, I believe I will attain the requirements for my qualification. With quality
education offered in your institution, it will contribute to my achievement academic wide and
career wide.
In my education, I have involved myself in community helping activities which has greatly
expanded my experiences. I was a member of the Singapore Red Cross Society where I
volunteered in various blood donation campaigns and assisted in administrative duties. I have
also volunteered in tree planting events undertaken by Aakam environmental group. As a way of
providing services to the community, I also administered services at the medical center during
summer volunteer programs. Involving myself in such volunteering programs has completely
developed the need for me to serve others which is a major skill required in marketing
University has given me a wide set of visions in learning. I did my degree and diploma in
business management from Singapore Institute of management. Some of the important and major
subjects I undertook include Business finance, financial market, a law of investments and
investment. All the subject I undertook in my course contributed to my succession in a graduate
course and in my previous jobs and internship. University not only generated my succession in
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