MBA401 Culture and Contemporary Management

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Culture and Contemporary Management (MBA401)


Added on  2020-02-24

MBA401 Culture and Contemporary Management


Culture and Contemporary Management (MBA401)

   Added on 2020-02-24

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People Culture and Contemporary ManagementIntroductionLeaders are the authorities which help themselves and others in doing the right things.The ability to stimulate the followers and the other group members within an organization hasbeen termed as the concept of leadership. The term is a broader concept which involves makingsound decisions, developing and expressing a clear vision of the team-mates establishment of theattainable goals etc. The leaders are the personalities who are the authorized one and are alsoheld liable for directing, monitoring, controlling and supervising the team mates and the otherindividuals within the business corporation (Speedupcareer 2017). The initiative is the key andmost fundamental component in any sort of association. The present and the eventual fate of theassociation significantly rely on the sort of administration in which it is working. An effectiveauthority causes a business association to have long haul achievement impressions in thebusiness. There are few variables which have their essential part in creating effective authority.At the point when there is nonappearance of these components in a business corporation then itbrings about imperfect leadership. There are a few issues and difficulties which are the result ofimperfect leadership. Leadership plays an integral part in the success and growth of any of thebusiness organization. The business entity can face issues in efficiency if the leaders are notpresent. The aim of operating the business activities is the accomplishment of the organizationalobjectives and targets and for doing the same the management of the human resource is required.This management is expected to be done by the leaders (Cherry 2017). On the basis of thesurvey, it has been noted that leadership style is the way an individual raises power for leadingthe team mates and other employees in the business organization. A leader impacts hissubordinates with his administration capability. He acquires them under his control such a route,to the point that they put in their earnest attempts to accomplish the objectives of the association.Great pioneers dependably get great outcomes through their supporters. A pioneer builds up theindividual association with his adherents and tries to satisfy their necessities. Why does a humangathering take after a specific individual? It can be said in answer to this inquiry since thatspecific individual gives them security and the chances to win riches, gives them the privilege towork and tries to comprehend their emotions. That is the reason individuals tail him(Connectusfund 2017). A man who deals with the previously mentioned necessities of therepresentatives, they eagerly acknowledge him. Thusly, they work with finish devotion andeagerness. A pioneer can illuminate each kind of contention (worker's versus representatives andworkers versus manager) successfully under the heaviness of his impact. A pioneer dependablypermits his adherents the opportunity to express their perspectives. Leadership styles varyaccording to the nature of followers. The most appropriate leadership style is made totallydependent on the functions of leaders, the followers, and the conditions.QuestionnaireAppendix 1Appendix 2
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People Culture and Contemporary ManagementReflection: Democratic leadership styleOn the basis of the personal analysis and evaluation, it has been observed by me that Ihave a democratic leadership style (Technofunc 2017). This style has also been termed as theparticipative style which means the team mates and the members will be allowed and involved inthe decision-making process. This style is well coordinated with my nature and personality andhas also aided me in a number of aspects. This style enables me and provides me with theposition where I have to decide who will be in the team and who all will be involved in thedecision making. On the basis of the studies executed from the other researchers, it has beenconcluded that democratic leadership style is one of the best and most effective leadership stylesand which leads to an enhancement in the higher productivity. The democratic process has mademe focus towards equality in the group and also a free flow of ideas has been made possible andthis allows me to be on the lead and guidance can also be offered (Nahavandi, 2016). Moreover,it allows me to provide opportunities to participate, share their ideas and thoughts freely anddiscussion is encouraged. The below mentioned are the key characteristics which make ademocratic leader and also have been observed in my case too:Characteristics of Democratic leadership styleI have been encouraging the team members for sharing the ideas and thoughts and after this alsoI have been able to be in the lead position for making the decisions for the team (Kiboss andJemiryott, 2014). This style has made my team members feel more engaged in the process andwhich makes them work with more dedication and interest and this in-turn will enhance personaland team productivity (Hemlin et al., 2014). Moreover, a free flow of ideas and creativity hasbeen encouraged and for this, rewards are also offered by me at regular time intervals. Thefollowing are some of the traits which have been developed while pursuing this leadership style,such as intellectual honesty, courage, creativity, creativity, innovative. As a strong democraticleader, I have been continuously inspiring trust among the team mates. My decisions are basedon morals and values. This form of leading people is known as participative management theory(Komives and Wagner, 2016). Moreover, at sometimes I also motivate the team mates to fightfor becoming the team leaders and develop themselves in this area. Sometimes I also try todelegate the tasks to the team mates and the subordinates with full responsibility so as to makethem feel accountable for the tasks done. This has also considered as one of the reasons whichbring an increase in the dedication level towards the work. The below mentioned are some of thesituations which will be working best or will be proven beneficial for me as a leader and I will beproven more effective in my working. This leadership style will aid me best in the conditionswhere my teammates are skilled and are having a will to share the creative ideas and thoughts.Also, my team mates will feel valued when they will see that their opinions are solicited andmore if the opinions are utilized in any of the implementation of the plan or policy (Northouse,2017). This will also encourage friendships and strong relationships will be built throughout theorganization. Before making a decision the opinions will be allowed and discussed and also the
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People Culture and Contemporary Managementencouragement to creativity and level of engagement which will enhance the commitment levelof my team members. Advantages of Democratic leadership styleThe following are some of the benefits which have observed after the adoption of this leadershipstyle (Olesia, Namusonge and Iravo, 2014). Each and every business organization experiencesthe issues due to office politics and also becomes a barrier in the path of growth and success. Soadoption of this style has made me capable of reducing the same. As all the team mates and otheremployees are engaged and asked to contribute their ideas and creativity for completing a task(Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee, 2013). This has also enabled me to reduce the communicationgap between me and the team members. As the team members are allowed to express their ideasand also their feedbacks are considered as significant one. This makes them feel free and theycome directly to me for discussing their issues or problems if any. When I have started givingimportance to the employees, it has resulted in an increase in their dedication and interest in thework. And this has developed positivity in the working environment (Underdahl, Walker andWoehr, 2014). Moreover, I have been regularly encouraging and motivating the team mates forthe challenges and even help them in solving the same. There has been an increase in the rightvibes among the team and which has made the work more pleasurable. This leadership style hasmade me involve the creativity of all the team mates all together in the same box and throughwhich I have reaped great benefits, in terms of personal and team level. The multinationalcorporations also work on the same idea, in which every individual possesses somecharacteristics which are utilized for a fulfillment of the organizational goals and objectives.Motivating and inspiring the team mates and the other employees is one of the basic tasks whichhave been done by me under this leadership style. Also, I make the team mates feel empoweredat the work as it has been based on performance. This has been appreciated by the majority of theworkers as this method of management provides them with security over their job with thecompany (Hackman and Johnson, 2013). The solutions derived after adopting this theorygenerally last long and a surety is also provided that they are reviewed for a continuous basis.This also include drawing in colleagues, compelling procedures that will fit practically everybusiness will be kept up. Likewise, team member will be urged to function admirably with eachother, which is essential to each association. Democratic leadership has made me capable ofsolving complex problems (Gilliam et al., 2017). This leadership has made me a pioneer, who isnormally astounding at taking care of complex issues, with the capacity to work cooperativelywith the team mates assembling an agreement of suppositions to address issues appropriately. Itlikewise supports advancement, so answers for key and complex issues will be found. This stylewill cultivate an inventive situation, by which empowering advancement and contribution amongcolleagues will be done by me. For instance, creative experts ordinarily prevail under this kind ofauthority because of the help encapsulated in it. This approach has also been considered as oneof the empirical reason which has made me to for a strong team. This has made my team
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