Mental Health Assignment Essay

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1Name:Professor:Title:Date:English Essay OutlineIntroductory paragraphMental health among students has been an issue of concern in universitiesIt is important that universities come up with certain measures to ensure that students areat the best mental state to carry out their studiesThe world today has changed immensely from the last few decadesArticle SummaryAccording to Professor Pardy, universities have gone too far in taking care of mentalhealth issues.Instead, students are being handled like fragile beings in the name of mental disabilityThe pampering of students with supposed mental disabilities are given an unfairadvantage over the rest of the students (Eisenberg et al 66).
2ThesisAre universities handling issues of mental health correctly? In my opinion, universitiesare teaching the students that they can be excused from common life occurrences insteadof being resilient (Gillespie 54). Therefore, I agree with the statements put forth byMargaret Wente.First ParagraphFirst Thesis PointSpecial treatment in the name of mental health support.ExampleI have even experienced some students being allowed to skip classes because of mentalhealth issues (Eisenberg et al 63)Some even have different places of studies and have special lectures than other studentsThey are almost separated from the rest of the students to access the special facilitiesConcluding StatementThis special treatment given makes them expect things to come easy for them andconsequently makes them too fragile to handle issues of the world.
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