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Running Head: MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEMS6-2 Annotated Bibliography: Mental Health SystemsRabiatu S. AlowonleProf. Pamela J. Edwards, M.A.02/12/2017
Ader, J., Stille, C. J., Keller, D., Miller, B. F., Barr, M. S., & Perrin, J. M. (2015). Themedical home and integrated behavioral health: Advancing the policyagenda.Pediatrics,135(5), 909-917.SummaryThe authors and researchers of this article are expressing their views on the need to expand andimprove medical, behavioral, and community models of the mental health system to promote thewell-being of all Americans by delivering them high-quality, accessible and efficient health care.To promote the integration of primary care and behavioral health, an attempt is made by thesefellow researchers to aid members of the integrated care team to excel behavioral health ofpeople by developing population-based measures to evaluate integration.Evaluation and analysis of the articleFor assessing the integration of primary care and behavioral health, it is necessary to find outdisease-specific treatments that cure depression treatment in well-defined, specific populationsfor older adults. The critique associated with the approach is that although the condition of amental health system is better in the community health service, yet it has to go a long step aheadto become an advanced one. Thus, it is recommended that to eliminate behavioral carve-outs,attention is needed towards improving the population-level behavioral health of chronic mentalpatients, irrespective of age groups with the help of community services.Jolly, J. B., Fluet, N. R., Reis, M. D., Stern, C. H., Thompson, A. W., & Jolly, G. A. (2016).Review of behavioral health integration in primary care at Baylor Scott and WhiteHealthcare, Central Region.Proceedings (Baylor University. Medical Center),29(2), 131.SummaryThe authors and researchers of this article are discussing the advantage and disadvantage ofmedical, behavioral, and community models of the mental health system. The delivery of healthcare to patients and their families, including financial pressures are forces that require atransformation in primary healthcare service. To examine the role of management in thetreatment of mental health problems, researchers have conducted a meta-analysis of 33 clinicaltrials from 145 articles on the integration of behavioral health and primary care in the treatmentof depression.Evaluation and analysis of the articleTo evaluate the findings of researchers at Baylor Scott & White Central Region, a conclusion isdrawn that several studies conducted on clinicians and caregivers were found to be positive andtheir treatment response to chronic mental patients was good in every aspect. It is highlyrecommended to caregivers of the community service to deliver effective care management to
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