MGMT 601- Assignment #1: Double loop learning and leader

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MGMT 601- Assignment #1: Double loop learning and leader developmentDue: Week 3 Sunday MidnightPart 1: Double Loop LearningRead the posted article called “Double Loop Learning” and answer the following questions.Q1. What are the challenges of model I and model II?Q2. How do you personally use the two models? Provide detailed and specific examples.Part 2: Questions on leader developmentImagine that you are a manager. You can freely choose any work scenario you want industry(industry, task, job setting,etc). Answer the following questions.Q3. Using the Action-Observation-Reflection (AOR) Model, explain how you can enrichthe benefits of your leadership experiences in the setting you chose.Q4. Discuss how your perception may biaseachstep in the AOR model. Also discusshow your expectation may affect follower motivation and performance.RequirementsWord limit: 3000 wordsoPart 1: 1500 wordsoPart 2: 1500 wordsI just want one word document: Put the two parts in two sections of the assignment likethisoSection 1: Part 1Q1 and Q2oSection 2: Part 2Q3 and Q4Follow the APA styleo12 size fonts, 1.5 spacing and many moreTurninit: The Similarity Score1)YOU ONLY GETONE CHANCETO HAND IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT INTurninit!!!2)Acceptable range: up to 20%a.The university policy is 10 to 15%b.So I’m ALREADY giving you 5% extra3)If your similarity score is between 20 and 30%a.I will deduct up to 40% of your grade depending on the case4)Over 30%a.Automatic fail
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