Microprocessors Take Home Final.

Added on - Sep 2019

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Microprocessors Take Home Final1.)The basic stamp works only with integers – A.) What does this mean? B.) What limitations doesit impose in programming?2.)You wish to control a 10 Amp motor with the basic stamp – it is a DC motor. You would like tostop the motor and control it so that clockwise and counter clockwise can be selected. Whatwould the schematic look – show specifically how you would interface this into the BS2p andwhat would the program look like with three switch selections of run, Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise. Assume that if run is not selected the unit will stop.3.)Discuss the various serial protocols supported by the BS2p.4.)Suppose you wished to implement a clock reference in the BS2p but you were so far away froma window inside a large building that there were no GPS signals reaching the antenna. Your newboss hands you a DS1302 and says “make this work” – show how to interface this to the BS2pwith a hand drawn schematic or Multisim. What might a simple program look like to displayseconds since a button press on the serial display.Where I have asked you what might the code look like in question 2 and 4 for a given task – you maywrite this by hand, write it with the PBASIC. It does not have to be a working program; I simply want tosee how you would code the program – your best guess of what would work on the first attempt. Manytimes programmers use simulation software to see how code will behave before it is every installed onhardware such as a PIC.
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