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2ETHICAL ISSUES FOR IT SECURITY AbstractIt is important to value ethics for professional or any personnel dealing with information in a company or any corporate client. The ethics are mostly placed to ensure that information is secure and passed on in ways of trust and that are acceptable to them. Professionals must alwaysuphold these ethical issues and accept them positively by reviewing their advantages and evaluating their usefulness in satisfaction of clients’ needs for information security. Many peopleassigned the duties rarely uphold the ethical issues probably due to lack of full importance of them. Failure to uphold the issues may cause risks and immense loss. This paper explores the potential ethical security issues in IT security for the client in question.
3ETHICAL ISSUES FOR IT SECURITY DiscussionIf I were the one doing the network configuration, I would refuse to do the job due to the risk involved afterwards. I would not play part in configuring a very insecure network knowing well future repercussions. Below is a discussion as to why I should refuse the job:As an IT systems administrator, I must commit myself to being responsible in ensuring that the computing environment remains safe, productive and healthy. This is accomplished by making sure I make decisions and choices consistently and accepting honest criticism.When it comes to IT security, privacy is critical since administrators often have access to most of the information even when it is encrypted. It is important for me to commit myself to maintain the confidentiality of any information I access and to only access information when it isnecessary[ CITATION Byn03 \l 1033 ].Integrity is maintained when the administrator remains honest in all their work, identify mistakes and offer assistance when required. This will help to avoid conflicts of interest and biasness and offer assistance void of bias and conflicts.It is also a socially important issue to maintain professionalism in IT Systems administration eliminating any aspects of unfairness due to personal feeling or beliefs. Any user or client who needs assistance should be offered professionally with no regard to personal interests.The administrator commits to continue growing their skills and knowledge and continue to share them with others when needed. IT systems have gradually continued to grow and it is significantly important to be updated.

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