MKTG672 – Strategic Marketing – Case Study Assignment.

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MKTG672 – Strategic Marketing – Case Study AssignmentDue Date: 17 June 2019This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade.Final AssessmentWatch the “Arthur and the Peoples Supermarket” video case available on Learn. Your task inthis assessment is to provide strategic marketing advice to Arthur applying the theory coveredin MKTG672.Specifically, you need to complete the following tasks:Task 1: Situation AnalysisComplete a situation analysis for the peoples supermarket using one (1) of the strategic analysistools discussed in Chapter 3 of your textbook.(16 marks)Task 2: Strategy Tools and ConceptsApply one of the strategy tools or concepts outlined in the appendix to Chapter 4 of your textbook to the Peoples Supermarket.(16 Marks)Task 3: Segmentation, Targeting and PositioningDescribe and critically evaluate the segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies adoptedby the Peoples Supermarket. Suggest and justify at least one improvement?(16 Marks)Task 4: Customer Value Creation MixDescribe and critically evaluate the customer value creation mix employed by the PeoplesSupermarket?(16 Marks)Task 5: Product –Market Strategy (Choice)Identify the type of product-market strategy that you think would be the best solution for thePeoples Supermarket? Justify why you think this approach is best using strategic marketingtheory.(13 Marks)Turn over
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