Porters Value Chain Analysis at Walmart


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Models to be included – Porters Value ChainValue stream mappingPorters 5 forces The Kraljic Portfolio Purchasing Model two bin system in inventory managementWaste management Structural/Strategic decisions in physical distributionThe Purchasing Cycle tim wood value added activityCSR/Sustainability/Modern slavery and ethics All the models should be related to the company chosen from the list. It is essential to critique the models instead of just simply stating what they are. It has been asked by the tutor to base the assignment on a model, if possible - Porters Value ChainEach of the elements should be picked and talked in terms of relation with the company chosen.The easiest company as stated by the tutor is WalmartTable diagrams are not included in the word count 16-17 references would be ideal It’s a final year work, so it has to be really critical especially with the recommendations as well.Thank you
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